Always the same Gala Unit showing up!

I play 2 accounts, just played two full months.
Already I have 3x G luca on one and 3x G Cleo on the other.

Is RNG punishing me never using G Luca or opted to spark Mars instead of G Cleo on main account.

Mars was a slap in the face too, after I spark him, first free tenfold gave me another. (did not know about the 24 hr 300 wyrm sigil then)

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I mean I got pitybroken by Valentine’s Hildegarde like four times this past month, then I got Goseidon today.

I have a similar issue with Gala Dragons.
Cait Sith will NOT leave me alone.
Pulled her (?) 5 times total.
She was rate up for the first one only.
I also have 3 Gala Mars, 2 of which are pity breaks.
And 2 Gala Poseidons, one pity break.
Ironically, the one I’d be happiest to see mess up my rates is Thor, who has yet to do so, as I’ve only pulled him once, and that was on his own banner.

PS: I always aim for Galas on their first banner, few exceptions. (I started playing after Ranzal and Sarisse’s Galas, pulled Sarisse on Mym’s banner before Mym, I skipped Cleo’s, and regretted it for a long time [didn’t get her til a while after I got Alex] went hard on Geuden’s banner, and had 2 Gala Ranzal’s to show for it [for anyone who never had him before 2nd anni, he used to suck HARD] Leo’s the first Gala I’ve skipped in a long time, and that’s due to a combination of being released in the thick of limited hell and him not being a cast member or a Dragon. My pattern for wyrmite for the longest time has been:
Skip any banner with only normal pool units.
Collab limited
Seasonal limited
Gala limited< in that order
Although, i’ve made exceptions, it’s ironically only happened during Prize Showcases by complete coincidence.
The only normal banners I’ve pulled on are Ilia’s and Pecorine’s.
Although, there was that one time when I did a 10 pull on a whim and got the whole banner. (To be fair, it was a trash banner, Jiang Ziya, Kamuy, i forgot who the 4 star was…)
It was good because I’m pretty sure that banner was in early december, the thick of limited hell)

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