Always Wanted To Do This

This is a long term project (as I’m out of copies to promote and merge), but I was wondering if anyone has found a good build for this guy? He’s one of my all time favorites and a project I’ve wanted to do forever… thanks for your thoughts!

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Thanks, @TMFM

I see you’re going down the path of memedom. Hats off to you. This is the build I run on my +10 Wrys, that works quite well, even better if you can get team support and Dragonflowers and S Support, which I see that you’re doing right now


I still can’t get over that atk boon…


It’s a superboon, Lead. The difference between 40 and 44 without support is huge. With support, that superboon lets Wrys go easily over 50 atk

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This is the build I would like to make for him, I lack a Witchy Wand to burn though…
But behold, immortal Wrys!

Renewal could work too. Idk, it’s more of a meme than anything else… :/


Wrys puffs

Rate my Wrys build if you feel like it. Idk if I should make it a reality, I could convert to your ways If you convince me.

Well, he works, but with how he is, it’s almost like he’s dead weight. Just there but not really doing anything, but behind the scenes work

That was kinda my thoughts… But if I make him more for combat he will be less immortal. :thinking: Any suggestions?

Maybe he could run Pain+ or a wand like Joyous Lantern to have more effect? Witchy Wand is tough to use on a unit like Wrys, when he’s like that
Wrys would basically bodyblock your units, oftentimes

Then he would be susceptible to being specialed… But then he isn’t exactly doing much damage in the first place unless he’s using Pain. :thinking:
Although, that’s kind of the point, he approaches 50-ish of both defenses, if he can stop specials he can just wall hits and let his teammates finish them all.

Lol whoops, I forgot we have a Steady Stance seal now.
Better immortal Wrys:

Thanks for the advice. This build looks pretty awesome. I haven’t done much with the dragon flowers… I actually forgot about them altogether in all honesty. Thanks again

Immortal Wrys, I’ve cleared several Chain Challenges with this guy even if only doing chip damage… I dinno anything about Witchy Wand, but this looks like an interesting build. I may have to try some of it out down the road. This is probably one of the few heroes I’d invest the extra resources on. Not only does he have all the potential in the world, but he just looks too sinister with Bruno’s masks (but I regress on the last part)…

Here is a better representation (It’s the end result of a Surtr confrontation)… I haven’t had a chance to switch weapons yet, but I always enjoy staring that evil son of a… down with Wrys and walking away, it just makes me smile

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