Am I losing it?

The 3rd Lostbelt… I’m dead sure it said QIN ever since LB 2 got released. And the text above was different as well. They just recently changed that, right? Right?
Or am I really losing it now?

yeah you’re actually crazy

No, they changed it


Wait, they fixed it? Finally.


It’s the Mandela effect.


Yes, you’ve lost it.
You gave in to BB’s demands and removed her tan.
Now you’ll never escape her clutches.


Glad to see they changed it since it was weird that they’d just change the name of a lostbelt. With Gilfest, Bunny-fest, the Azure lane event, and overtime from work I literally didn’t notice lol

Yes they did.

I found this pic online (not my acc)
I’ve never bothered to take a screenshot before they changed it.

Let this be a Warning to all who would DARE remove my tan!


But you even said that UV protection is a maiden’s ally. Why is it a dare to provide you with it? :fgo_think:




I don’t know what’s the problem behind the old name? Maybe the hint about a certain servant?

But we have clairvoyance EX, is it still relevant?

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BB gets her Tan from Pele. It is the natural bi-product of being a High Servant and completely compatible with use of a good sunblock lotion!


I see that you want the next time you are rolling gacha for it to be improved with BB slots!


First of all, I almost feel like winning the slots might have a better chance than some of the gacha rates.
Second: What’s so bad about Masters using even more mats and QP on BB for something that’s entirely cosmetic?
Finally, my defense:

After this, all of Luluhawa was taken hostage just so BB could get rid of Pele’s tan.

It is kind of unfortunate that the play on words will be lost either way the localization team translate it. If they stick with Qin then it doesn’t work as an acronym. If they use Sin it makes zero sense of the location of the LB


I heed your warning. Please spare me.

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afaik, they definitely try to hide the fact that

qsh is the lb king

despite it being super obvious (even without clairvoyance)

so lol there

do kinda wish the ‘the’ wasn’t there for our button, but meh. at least the title fits the acronym now and the acronym spelled out isn’t a clunky mess of words that don’t make any punny acronym anymore

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