Am I missing something or does Serena look actually broken?

her grid looks really good… lots of damage modifier boosts and mgr on key moves like hypnosis and overheat.

but her passive “go viral 9” means spammable aoe sleep? if you have the mgr that means its a 1 move hypnosis most of the time too. is that not broken or will all new content have lessen sleep 9 from now on?

at 3/5 i think she might actually also be one of the top damage units in the game… aoe hypnosis and then you have 3 grids + passive that boost damage while asleep + hp advantage… holy shit lol

Tweakbox Appvalley

She also does 12% more damage with her Overheat, than Red with Blast Burn (wighout mega evolution) if enemy is asleep because of Good Night-Mare 5 (I am not counting buffs and sync grid). This Sync Pair is Completly Broken.

It’s literally (and I mean LITERALLY) unbeatable with bronzong and a Gauge booster. Yeah y’aint missing anything.

My gems ;-;

Really good. One glance at her set and I know she’s worth whatever gem she decides to show up. In my case, about 18k. Lol
Still have over 30k for who knows what’s next.

gems all gone ;-; still no serena. hate rng

:catcry: how much did you spend?

3k. Yeah, all my old reserves gone into getting Cynthia and SS Grimsley (didn’t get either one ;-;).

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