Am i missing something, with this event

So ive been farming summer 3 for a while now and i dont quite understand. Do you need to do something to unlock the raids? Because ive yet to find or unlock them otherwise. This feels weird to ask as i have never encountered a problem like this. If theres a step im missing plz let me know.

The raids are in Part 2 of the story.

To complete Part 1, you need a total of 900k points (doesn’t matter which points it is), and then do the all the main story quests that unlock along the way. You’ll know that you’ve completed all the main quests when, instead of letting you pick which doujin to make on the 7th day, there is only one choice.

Also, don’t worry about missing the raids. The raids aren’t global so boss HP isn’t shared among all players.

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Trying using the GP walkthrough. It will at the very least give you an idea what is needed to move on.


All part 1 story quests unlocks for me at 800k points and I just verified with the walkthrough.

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I don’t actually use the walkthrough since I only use them for mission-based events to save AP. I only heard about the requirement from others around here.


I used them because I lack commonsense over the weekdays .

If they do not unlock for you, they unlocked for me around 1 million, one hundred thousand.

The 900k number was not working for me. I was freaking out and trying to look around for anyone having the same issue and surprisingly I was all alone.

Also, when you are done, if you do not get the grail immediately, just loop it again. That also worked for me.

I like figuring things out on my own. But since doing that for mission-based events (kill X enemies X amount of times) would be far too AP-intensive, I use the guides for that.

Everything else though is done the old fashioned way. Trial and error. :rofl:

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I’ve been trying to just do things without using the walkthrough. The Lostbelts are easy enough with out them, But when time is not on my side, I just go ahead and use the guide.

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Me neither. Usually I only copy the Free Quest drop rate table to make sure I am using the right CE.


This is the main reason I use the Walkthrough . This event especially .


The walkthrough did state at first we need 900k. Later on they switched it to 800k.
I still can’t verify it myself though. I’m (hopefully) at my last loop before I can finish the story.
At least my shop is almost empty already.

I can’t verify it either. I had 1m points even before the I reached the 4th day of my final P1 loop.

I’m on Loop 6, Day 2 nighttime, with 901,840 total doujin influence, and still no raids

The story hasn’t completed for me; I just got Hokusai to join the team.
Haven’t completed any of the summer costumer quests, or gotten some code unlockers either.

At this point, do I just spend my AP on the leftover low-AP free quests to cycle through the days and get them over with?

As far as I remember, you do need to finish the main story before you can unlock the raids.

The story quests unlock at certain times of the day, needing certain point requirements. So it’s possible your points weren’t high enough at the time that a story quest would have unlocked. Just keep looping until they do.

After you got Welfare permanantly, raid will show up.

I suppose that when you say “missing the raids” you meant that they won’t disappear on you because the boss has been globally defeated like other events’ raids.

But it could be read in the way that the raids aren’t important, so you can skip them, and this would be an incorrect interpretation as you do need to do them to NP5 the welfare, correct?

I read somewhere, its not necessarily the points entirely, and that u need to complete 7 loops for part 1 to be done