Am I the only one whomst believes AR is fun

It’s more strategic than the other modes. Unless you come across a team that stalls you for 2 turns and then nukes you with high Atk units, and prevents you from killing those with high Def enemy phase armors, and L!Azura like my defense, but I need to do it so I don’t lose points ._.

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Eh. It’s okay. I’m in Tier 18 so I don’t have the super hard teams that everyone else gets, but it is pretty annoying to see the same units every battle (Azura, Veronica, Reinhardt, Dragarmors).

I usually just use whatever team and if I win then great, if I lose, then oh well.


So like… dis? :3

All the armors have 60 attack, bonus doubler, and ward skills. L!eligod over there giving +6 attack/def. H!mia has panic+, guidance, and acrobatics.

I am your worst enemy lol


My stall for 2 turns then nukes and has L!Azura team is a bit more thought out. I’ll post it tommorow because I’m tired rn ._.

Its stuff like this that made me fall in love with Selena’s refine.

I enjoy it. It has its moments that it’s a real pain, but still enjoyable regardless.

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Feel like a ranged flier can take out Eli pretty easily…

Yup! It’s got its weaknesses,but it’s the first defense that I’ve actually enjoyed making lol.

My more optimized setups… hurt me.

I like it. It can get infuriating at times, but overall I find it entertaining.

If you say so… you don’t think this right here is a huge problem?


I’m 70% sure I can clear this with Spring Palla and Eir alone

I don’t want to go back to my old effective cancer setup… :feh_notlikethis:

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  • Aversa
  • Ophelia
  • HS! Micaiah
  • L! Azura
  • Yune
  • Every broken unit ever

One problem though, L!Azura can’t give Tactics + Spectrum 6 buffs if you put all those units together in one team.

Don’t really need it. You can just use Hone Fliers or the Waves (or Hone Atk 4).

AR is :ok_hand: imo.

AR-O is fun (or it would be once my fortress and theirs are both L5, I’m still a 1 month old account). AR-D is stupid because the AI plays terribly and I have to gimp my team just so the AI doesn’t gimp it more.

It’s mostly fun when people put their +10 +Atk Death Blow 4 Reinhardts and Brave Veronicas on their defenses only for all their attacks to ting off my F-Robin. :feh_corrinmug:



I feel like my Nino could just solo the entire stage

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Your Nino can kill a H!Myrrh?

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