Am resisting the temptation to spend gems before Lyra comes out

But the real reason I posted this was to increase my post count for that gold badge

Hi there!

I can’t resist spending gems until I add Blue to my roster of sync pairs. Will definitely save them when I finally find him (but if it takes so long that a character I want shows up in the datamines then it’s change of plans)

Also want that golden badge, but have no clue about how close I am to get it

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Hi there!


Yeah that’s fair. I’d personally preference Blue over Lyra. Though if you wait till Lyra’s out, then you have a better chance of getting either of them, as opposed to getting Blue first and Lyra afterwards. Have heard rumours that Lyra’s coming out tomorrow.

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Oh, nice. Thanks for digging that for me!

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no problem :slight_smile: only the top 6 categorys are listed though

Lyra doesn’t look that good to me, what I’m doing is saving my gems for Metagross or Garchomp. Serperior is arguably better on blood totem after the dire hit changes anyways.

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That’s what I’m doing as well. I predict Cynthia will be a much needed Physical AoE striker, while Steven should be more on the the support side.

However, I like Lyra and the whole Chikorita line so I might try and pull just to see their cute faces in my lobby.

Should be nice, maybe Garchomp with Earthquake/Bulldoze? Idk what good dragon moveset we could get, maybe Dragon Rush or something alike? I honestly expected Outrage or Draco Meteor to be AoE but we got them as single target.

I assumed Metagross would probably have Meteor Mash and be able to Mega evolve, but well, they can be anything until they’re datamined/released.

I think that’s definitely a given. Steven’s model was taken from ORAS so it still has his Mega Stickpin which he uses to mega evolve. I just assumed he was more support based because he was shown off in a Team with Cyn+Lance. So if they each have a different role, I’d guess Chomp=Phys Strike, Meta=Support, Dnite=Special Strike. But of course this is just speculation.

Cynthia+Chomp are 100% ground type. In the Japanese Master’s website, they show a lot of unreleased trainers with their typings. I saw Red&Zard with Fire and Cyn&Chomp with ground. So unless they make a last minute change it’s safe to stick with those atm. They could get a double ground set or a dual ground/dragon set. We don’t have a lot of dual type attacks (only Phoebe right?) so it’d be nice to have more.

In a way, yes. We do have some others but really, only Phoebe makes good use of it. Kris doesn’t count since her passive keeps her as a monotype

I tried using Solrock because of that only to find the second typing isn’t accounted for in Unity attack (was using it for the rock move)

The devs seem to be putting work into making monotype sync pairs, tho, so they’ll probably be as well.

My bet is that Lance will either be a strong Dragon striker or an unexpected support, but we already have that with Salamence, so Lance will probably have the first and not the latter role.

If they don’t make Cynthia a strong Ground-type striker sync pair it’ll be sad, as we lack that role in the game. I’d accept Steven as a support, we don’t need steel-types that much currently and by what some say, that role is somewhat filled

We do have a bonus chance for Lyra when the spotlights on her, and that might be the same for new characters unless they become part of story mode.

I’ll find waiting for Steven, Lance etc hard since we don’t know when they’ll come out. And as you all are probably guessing, I’m also guessing that oshawott is after Lyra.

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Don’t forget about the ALTS… Rock already got Sygna suit so they will provably use it on purpose.
Misty with Megyarados or even with a funny Psyduck as an overpowered striker (it would be awesome x’D).

e.g. Giovanni with Nidoking/Nidoqueen as an special and physical striker (Earthquake or Earth power)… even Spencer or Buck with Claydol (her strongest pkmn in both cases :nerd_face:), Bertha with Hippowdon … AND there’s always the option to make some ALT trainer (e.g: Excadrill with Clay)

They’ve got a limitless trainers pool/roster x’D

My gut feeling is that when Steel-type is needed, it’d be introduced with a Steel-type training event and a new Steel-type sync pair to be released with it. I reckon it’ll be a trend to introduce new characters with new training type events from now on.

On a sad note, my 3 recent sync pairs gave me only 3-stars (Roxanne is now 5/5 which is possible the best 3-star sync I can get at least). So I’m back to probably only getting a sync pair every week. RIP Lyra.

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Well, yeah, not saving gems so probably no Lyra.

If they do alts without adding new useful types to the roster I call it bs

I really don’t expect them to give us a good free alt in these conditions, considering what they did to Tyranitar. But alts to scout units could mean some units/types get better usage

Yeah, I expect as much from now on. We already expect Hilbert/Oshawott for the water training event

Oh, don’t give up! Hopefully we’ll get more gems soon and you’ll get her

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