After three waves of halloween units, i finally got H!Nowi on my free summon! im so happy lol, even she doesnt have the best ivs +res-atk but i will make her work, should i keep Grimiore or give her Raurdblade + ?


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Can make use of both, although a Bladetome will have her deal more damage provided she has the necessary buffs, so… Up to you.


With -Attack, I’d suggest the blade tome approach, but as Krazytre said, either weapon is fine, depends on your team comps. She’s done a lot of work for me since her first rerun in a legendary banner when I first got her. I did give her blade as I had hone/fortify fliers on her team.


Congrats! I’m still waiting for a H!Sakura, a H!Mia, more H!Myrrh to merge, and I wanna get H!L’Arachel and H!Hector and Lilina


Thanks @FutabaBestGirl

Now,congrats on getting THE HALLOWEEN EMPRESS,those ivs are kinda bad but still workable
As @Krazytre said,a Blade tome would help her with that Atk,but there’s another build I would like to show

Her capability to run bonds is nasty thanks to grimoire,since she can teleport near any ally in 2 spaces,and she also have a small window where she can run desperation(with those IVs especially if you trigger against mages),you could also go Loyal wreath or Owl,to give her more stats,but honestly,the choice is yours

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