CEO Crisis Strategy Discussion


The basics:

The main progression of this event is gated by “tower” quests, similar to Setsuban tower from a while back, which some of us missed. Servants go into “fatigue” after successfully completing a quest for a base duration of 6 hours, with several ways of reducing the time needed down to 2 hours for certain servants. While fatigue, these servants cannot be used within the event itself, not even if you have multiple e-sport copies. You are also not allowed to borrow support servants either. This means you can’t just run DSS Dante every single time and be done with the whole event in a single day.

Some key facts and numbers:

  • Each level costs only 1 AP
  • Losing or bailing does not cause servant fatigue
  • There are 3 towers with 50, 50, and 100 levels respectively.
  • Most floors have only 1 wave of 3 enemies of the same class. Some floors, especially later ones have 6 or even a break-bar boss. Mixed classes are only common at the very end.
  • The difficulty level varies, but typically floors every 5 levels have slightly more enemies with more health than the rest.
  • Support slot is disabled, and as usual you need to field at least 3 of your own servants
  • Bond gain per level is ridiculous! From the first level granting 850 bond points for 1 AP to the last level granting 1830 bond points!
  • The event CE is Therapeutic Spa, with the event special effect being +100% bond gain (MLB +200%!) You see where I’m going with this?
  • You get 3 copies of this CE while clearing the first tower, and another 3 clearing the 2nd.


The common wisdom from the Setsubun event is to field the bare minimum number of servants, i.e. 3, with the lowest viable quality to efficiently rotate through your roster. However, with the massive bond gain and the further boost from the event CE, some might consider to field a rotating roster with 5 servants instead to maximize bond gain.

On average the same class of enemies only appears 3 times every 20 floors. As an example — assuming you rotate through 3 parties for each of the 7 main classes, and the median rest time is 6 hours. You will be able to go through the entire event within 3 days. A minimum of 15 levels per day on average is needed to clear the event in time, but be mindful the last few levels and the raids could be challenging for some.

Did I miss anything? How will you approach this event?


I think you can average 15 floors/day and be just fine. With the enemies being (mostly) just a single wave and low HP, you can run a single AoE class advantage option for each of the 7 main classes and you’re fine.

So even if you don’t have a huge roster of leveled people, you should be pretty well set to do it anyway. It’s just that the more good people you have the better.

I remember Setsubun I kept using 3* AoE options to “save” my good people for a floor I’d need them on and then just never needed them.


Bond gain isn’t terribly important for most of my roster, and I can’t spam with the Servants I’m working on due to the exhaustion mechanic, so I’ll probably run minimalist teams when I have time to play a lot.


Same. My top picks never had to be used, so I might be less stingy this time.


Ya, that’s a good point. The event lasts 2 whole weeks, with 200 floors it’s not hard to go through all of them with just 15 per day. More so with each day having at least 4 full rest cycles. You can literally just form 1 or 2 teams of best servants for each class, let them rest and reuse them every time.


I have 55 servants of various rarities max leveled for their rarity. Assuming I can slap them into teams that can win if I min group it assuming 2x each group a day is 36 floors. I can probably afford to do some bond farming at least until it gets to the point where my low rarity servants just can’t cut it and I have to focus on my better servants.

Really just going to play it by ear, go in blind and try out some teams that I wouldn’t normally make. Have fun, play around with mechanics like dots that i typically ignore.


Come to think of it, maybe I’ll start with my lvl 120 targets so that they recover from exhaustion in time to get additional runs.


Exactly what I’m gonna do

I have so many servants close to hitting Bond 11 or Bond 12 anyway


It’s too easy to panic and try to clear it all in the first 2-3 days. Probably best to just chill and field whatever for Bond gains. I’ll backline the ones that really need that bond.


Quetzalcoatl is 350k away from Bond 14, so I really want to max income on her and as such I’ll probably need to go 5 ~ 6 CEs eventually.

But early on I’ll try to go the tried and true weak servants with Kscope, until the Bond yield becomes worth running multiple CEs that is.


It might be worth noting that since the event CE is a 5*. Fielding full event CEs mean you might have to watch out for the party cost with your primary servant also being 5*


In fact, I wonder if the whole reason for the bond gain is to slow everyone down.


wait so I can run 5-6 CEs and get 500-600% bond per 1 AP?

oh ya no way I am rushing through this like I did with setsubun :fgo_insane:


Two years ago I was so scared of the first tower event but this time everyone is maxed level, I got 70 new servants and level one fodder.

I’m going to blitz this shit so quick.


No, the bond bonus applies to the servant equipped with that CE only. (except for Mash)


And by very end, they really mean very end. There’s only about 10 or so irregular nodes before the last 10. The only odd ducks are every 10 floors of the last 100 floors, which tend to have an Extra Class or something similar. Class advantage can take you really far. Good planning can let Bronzes carry a good chunk of early levels on their own, leaving you your more premium Servants for higher levels (that is if you’re not too concerned about maximizing Bond gains)


I’m used to that, and I have every low star raised so I should have some degree freedom in team building.


Idk y but that just made me think of something.

kinda off topic, but it would be funny if Archer Gil had a billion unique passives due to his GOB, like self bond up, np charge per turn, stun immunity, etc.
Technically he probably has the tools for such things in his GOB.
Tho from a game mechanics sense that would be way overkill lol.

No kidding! How often do we see +100% bond bonus event CEs? I wasn’t around but I bet some players speed run through Setsubun like nothing and that caught some of the designers by surprise.

Also don’t you tell me not to P A N I C !



I see. Still, 100% is already better than any normal 6 CE bond teams so no big deal. This being a 2 week event makes using more than 3 servants at a time feel less stressful