CEO Crisis Strategy Discussion

As long as all servants have CEs, the total bond gained is still the same, isn’t it? So unless you really want to concentrate on 120 targets/favorites, there isn’t that much point in getting overly creative. I am far more concerned about the amount of time I have to play through the day (I generally get single long chunk instead of multiple short ones), so I will probably not focus on individual servants too much.

There’s a reason Tungunska Raids died so fast…


The bond gain is probably not worth much for you until you get the event CE on the 10th 20th floor. Unless you plan to spend 6 hours between first and 10th 20th floor, I would say hold off till then.

Correction: the first CE is rewarded on the 20th, not 10th floor. Then on the 30th & 40th.


For setsubun I kept with the minimum 3 servants, kscope and mages association for most everything and blitzed it with days to spare. Usually by the time I was finishing my ap bar the servants I’d started using that day we’re already coming off fatigue without hot springs (sick in bed, had nothing else to do that week).

Considering my chaldea has grown by an additional… 50 servants I think I calculated, I think I will take the more luxurious bond approach and not be so minimalist in my servant fatigue. Didn’t know about the 100% bond bonus ce, that’s a nice perk


Curious now to see how far I can make it in the first run with full teams. There are only two hundred floors, so I’m pretty sure I can do whatever I want other than not play and finish with time to spare.


Imagine having expensive taste


As someone who unfortunately didn’t do Setsubun (I just started Babylonia when it came out), I’m really looking forward to this event ; the concept is unique and interesting, and the fact that you can’t rely on any support from your friend list adds this level of ‘‘It’s time to see how well my roster holds up.’’

I have Yang, Tamamo and Mango very close to their next Bond level, being 6, 11 and 9 respectively, so I might try to field them regularly. Other than that, yeah ; got many AoE Servants I could field to blitz through this, but the premise is fun ; we’ll see how it all entails when the event will start. :feh_flaynfish:


15 floors a day uses only 15 AP… so it’s juggling between tower and Charlotte for me :fgo_insane:


If I’ve done my math right, I should be able to run nearly 50 5-Servant parties before exhaustion becomes a limitation.

When you consider that it takes a little time to run each node, the first wave of parties would be ready to go again not long after the last wave went on cooldown.

And then I have to consider that I need to work, eat, use the bathroom, maybe not play FGO for 14 hrs solid.


From what I saw from the Wiki, most floors seem to be flooded with weak enemies, and I’m now in fear to get disappointed with the event because of it.

Specially with Kscope + charge/Mage/Support or superscope, most floors seem to barely gonna take ~30 seconds.

So you’re probably safe with a cooldown of ~6h that sometimes goes to 3 ::ak_laughinglappy:


Welcome to the real hell, loading screen hell :fgo_casgilworry:


Yeah, my strategy from Setsubun is probably coming forward unchanged - bring one respectable Servant per node and then make up 3 Servants with whatever pack filler isn’t fatigued. So long as my 120 targets/Medea Lily are always in their optimal rest zones, I’ll just pop them in as often as I can for the bond, but I’m not dedicated enough to actually attempt to configure an optimal rotation between finishing the event in time and maximising bond runs on faves, so blitz it is.


The true Evil of Humanity :dragon_face:


Have you guys looked at the higher-level floors? This event is much harder than Setsubun

I’d give some wiggle room for the more difficult floors


Or having to swap your team out every single quest. I’m expecting most of my time spent in this event will be in managing my line ups.



These floors?
Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 5.28.19 PM

I’m more concerned about the 2.8M hp raid bosses with no double support and no event damage bonus. If you fail to kill them in one go, you are immediately locked out of your favorite ST servant due to exhaustion.


That’s why it’s good to have a few backup favorites lined up!

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Raid, huh?


It’s the summer 4… I mean 3!.. “raid” format where individual player has their own copy of the bosses. In other words you are not fighting others to get kills on them like in Oniland. But they do have a massive 2.8M HP each and you have 15 turns max per attempt to grind them down.