Amazones, should i prioritize using only Servants whit lanterns?

Without spoiling too much, how many deliveries are there in total?

Should i just use my 5 Servants with lanterns, wait until they recover and go for the next deliverie?

I am at 32 right now and have just used all my Servant roster (which includes 1-3 Star which give next to no Quartz).


200 deliveries. There’s a few extraneous nodes that will pop up, dunno how those will go with everything though.

If you eat up too much of your time you won’t hit the final floor in EX-Tower.

You’ll literally only be able to use that same party (at worst) 4 times a day. That’s not going to net you 200 deliveries.


There is a Amazones strategy thread that might help you, that covers differences in approaches.

Personally, I believe it’s better to use ALL Servants (including low rarity) and farm a little Bond on them, rather than to slow play attempting to concentrate Bond on a very few.


Just be sure to put your top bond targets into the Relaxation Facilities and pick them up whenever they’re off of cooldown, but as others are saying, it’s not at all practical to try to complete the event with a small selection of Servants.


I rotated the entire roster until floors 90-100, or whenever it is that you get the 6th copy of the Bond CE.

Then I created 5 teams based on for the next ~100 floors based on:

200% Bond CE target
100% Bond CE target
Fillers, priority to those I want to level, if not available, whoever.

Facilities put everyone with 200%, then when everyone recovers, put the 100% ones, when everyone is recovered, keep climbing. Can take 4-5h depending who they are and bonuses, still enough for ~15 floors a day, 10 at the very least.

I found better to focus Bond on the ones I use the most, usually lanterns get the 200% CE. Check the next ~5 fights, and plan accordingly. If no advantage for them, they can still stay in the backline with the bonus anyways.

Just the last 100 floors will net around ~120-150k bond on specific targets rather than 8k around everyone, most who I’ll never even put on the backline anyways. For me it’s better, IMO.

But depending where you are and with roughly one week left, you might need to speed things up a bit.

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