An abundance of Nagis, a novel by Dei-Dei

Some of you will probably already know where this is headed, but i’ll write a short introduction anyway.

Last April I pulled for Celica on the legendary banner. However, results weren’t… quite what I was after. I ended up with 5 Nagis and one Celica. A shame, but RNG is RNG.

One of those was a +atk -def one, so i decided I’d keep that one and fodder the rest, the thing is… I don’t need all this fodder. I barely use armors, so she’s only DC fodder which woul be handy to have if it weren’t because I don’t need it at all (right now) and I managed to snug the ‘free’ Hector before my feh pass subscription from last month expired :feh_legion:

And in this situation, I really don’t know what I should do. I’m no way +10 Nagi in the long run, I can’t afford that investment and even though I don’t need all this SF+DC fodder I do like having at least two fodderable copies of her. However and since I’ve been cursed or bless, depending of how you look at it with this fodder, I might as well use it well to counter all those nasty Ophelias in AR :feh_myrrhthink:

Do you think I should…?

  • Use the +atk one at +0, keep the rest as fodder
  • Build the +atk and the neutral one and use one for each AR season, keep the rest as fodder
  • Build the +atk one and get rid of her def bane, keep the rest as fodder

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I use a Nagi a little in ARO for light season.

She’s pretty decent as a counter pick to Oph, Vero, L!Alm and the likes

If you’re not gonna +10 then I say merge the +atk once and keep all the others for fodder

Even if you lose SF, it doesn’t matter, DC is DC y’know?

This novel was very short. Not enough Nagi 7.8/10


Not a 6.25/10? :feh_bylethsmile:
I’ll never match John Green anyway

Thanks for the insight, btw!


why didn’t I think of that


Do you really want me to write some Nagi nonsense?



But it’ll take longer than your books to arrive :feh_legion:


Ok, I’ll read it in 2050 then.




Get a +1 with the +Atk copy and manual the others. You will get people who wants DC with a bit of time.


What about building the +atk and use the neutral one with base kit for the time being? Her base kit is quite sufficient and you can keep utilizing it until you really need the fodder. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up liking her for both seasons and you won’t want to fodder her anymore. All you really lose are just come crystals so no harm done. :feh_lucyshrug:

I personally believe that there is no such thing as too much DC fodder. :feh_ardenwoke: But if you do, I guess there’s no harm in merging one of the Nagis away.

Still, I’m getting horrible flashbacks to when I +1 merged W!Tharja… I don’t even use her anymore, what a waste of CC fodder. :feh_elisad: Now I’m just waiting for a unit that wants CC to show up so I can get this bad memory out of my barracks.

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I know what you mean. I regret merging +1 on a few occasions. When I came back to this game after a one year absence, I no longer knew what’s good or what’s not. Also, I was playing really casually too, so I just merged lion king and Nailah thinking they were cool. Little did I know they have such great fodder…

What’s even worse is I even foddered a Nailah to B! Ephraim for DC and don’t even use the Null Disrupt since he’s armored :feh_navarreculture:

Now, I’ve taken the Nailah +1 and foddered her to B!Ike for DC and Null Disrupt. Unfortunately, I don’t think it feels much better. B!Ike just feels like he has twice the blood (fur?) on his hands.