An AlmCelica -atk +hp...fodder for whom?

I got an AlmCelica on my free summon, but they have shitty IV, so I will fodder them
My options are Sothis and Itsuki. They both are +10 proyects.

For Sothis I want Bonus Doubler, it will be:
Special - Sirius
Assist - Reposition
A - Bonus Doubler
B - Null Follow-Up
C - Time’s Pulse
S - Warding Stance

Her support will be a Clive with Atk/Spd Gap and Rally Def/Res+

For Itsuki I want Lull Atk/Spd
Special - Aether
Assist - Reposition
A - Distant Counter
B - Lull Atk/Spd
C - Atk Smoke
S - Darting Stance/Swift Stance

In this case, He has B! Lucina as Support (Atk/Def Rally + and Spd and Res tactics). So he has +17 spd (5 Lucina Support, 6 darting stance and 6 VIsible Buff). On +10 he has 36 base spd. 36+17=53. With Lull Spd he will avoid the buffs and will have another “+3” of spd. Practicallyensure the follow-up attack

What do you think I should do first?

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Are you trying to make a speedy Itsuki? Because I wouldn’t recommend it because he has a middling speed of 30 I would recommend lull spd/atk 3 put like qr with mystic boost, why get so much speed when you can just double?

Basically to prevent others from bending it. But yes, it is possibly a lot of speed. Maybe Lull atk / def will work

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I would go with lull atk /def give the bonus double to sothis or if you’re planning on summoning save for a better IV

For itsuki, you want lull atk def 3

I’d say Bonus Doubler to Sothis, because it’s pretty much her optimal A slot. Itsuki’s speed is at an awkward place. He has just enough speed in the current meta to deny doubles from very speedy units if he has enough support and speed-boosting skills. He can’t really double them, though, but he will double the majority of current units.

However, in a year if they keep up the speed powercreep, investing in his speed will have been less optimal. I’d go with Astram if you want a speedy Grail sword project, because he has like 6 more base speed and his pref boosts speed. So, Itsuki will absolutely want Lull Atk/Spd if he is being built for speed; it’s definitely not over investing in his speed for the current meta. But a year from now, QR3 in the seal and Lull Atk/Def is probably going to be better, and it’s just as good now.