An annoyed aro's small grievance about Kama

Okay. First, I acknowledge that in posting this topic, I am inviting people who disagree with me, and people disagreeing with me is inevitable. Among people who disagree with me, some may make arophobic comments. However, I feel like this is important to me. Here goes.
Kama would be a better character if the writers didn’t make her fall in love with Ritsuka. Why? She could have been aro representation. When someone asks me to name one popular character who is aro, I could have pointed at her. It’s stated in her profile that she is tired of love, and I suppose that got my hopes up. It feels cheap to just have her join the MC’s harem in the end because the MC is special. Also, it would be interesting to have an aro god of love because most depictions of love gods have them be obsessed with love.
Another problem with this is that it mirrors common arophobic beliefs in real life. “There is no such thing as an aromantic. You just haven’t found the right person yet.” I’ve heard this way too many times. By making Kama fall in love with Ritsuka despite stating that she is already tired of love, it perpetuates the stereotype that aros just need to wait for the right person to come along and then they will suddenly stop being aromantic. What makes this worse is the wording of her bond CE.
“And yet…The fact that she doesn’t try to stop herself from getting involved in the first place could perhaps mean…She might be anticipating…She might be waiting for this illusory concept that, for all its abundance in the universe, seems not to exist within her. She might be waiting for the moment when someone is able to offer it to her.
And that’s why she asks:
“Do you know of ■?” You are likely the only person who has the ability, and is in a position to provide the god with this one thing she lacks. Knowing this, are you familiar with its brilliance and splendor?
If so, and if you are able to provide this jaded god with it…perhaps something might develop within this god who does not know of ■.”
From this description, it’s pretty clear the white square is supposed to be love (Though some degens might insist it’s supposed to be sex). This description not only says that Kama is waiting for the right person, it also makes a point that the right person is Ritsuka and Ritsuka alone. It’s a fantasy about “fixing” an aromantic person with the MC’s special MC powers although there’s clearly nothing to be fixed. Sadly, it also mirrors real life. Arophobes put themselves in the position of Ritsuka and people like me in the position of Kama, dreaming that they have something special that can fix us, something other people do not possess. It’s just…sad.
I’ve been around the internet. I recognize fanservice when I see it. I’ve seen it a lot. I shouldn’t be a snowflake who gets upset at harmless things like this. I do not expect representation for me. I expect nothing, yet I’m still disappointed. I grieve for things that never had a chance of existing in the first place. I have no right to be sad. I wasn’t FGO’s target demographic in the first place. Yet even knowing this, that familiar feeling still settles in the pit of my stomach.
I don’t want to be the one who “fixes” Kama. I just want to tell her that she’s valid and have a chat with her. Maybe have desserts or go to a restaurant together in a not-dating way. Is that so difficult? Is that so wrong?


I think you’ll find that many of us here are not thrilled with the tendency of (mostly) female Servants falling in love with Master for no apparent reason.

Unfortunately, I think Kama’s creative direction was somewhat sealed by her base character. She is classic pissy-mode Sakura.


I’m fine with an aromantic character showing up in FGO. I just don’t think it ever had a remote possibility of being Kama for the reason @Gou pointed out.


I learn new words every day cause I’ve never heard of an aro in my life.

Also if I’m looking at this definition right then KH counts right? I doubt he’s ever had a crush on someone or been in a relationship.


First Hassan may be aro, but he’s not ace. No other Servant is more obsessed with head.


I’m far from a Kama expert but just based around what I saw on Ooku, before MC summons her, she isn’t as much someone who can’t have romantic love (which I think is what Aro means) but much like the other Beasts a being who has a twisted vision of it.

Kiara, Beast III/R loves humanity but she only sees herself as a true human.

Kama, Beast III/L loves humanity but she sees them as insignificant and worthless at the same time.

Beast Kama is toxic love that drags people down to the point they are just as worthless as she believes them to be, but Kama Assassin is more Kama than Mara so she shouldn’t be as immutable in regards to her twisted vision as her Beast self.

Now on her falling in love with MC… Because the plot said so Because MC.


So it’s about Sakura, huh? Well, I’m not really mad about Kama, I suppose I’m just dissatisfied with the way they worded it. The players’ attitude towards her seems to be all “Poor Kama, she doesn’t know about love!” and I don’t think that’s something really worthy of pity.


I am a Quoiromantic ace so seeing another Kama fan somewhat like me is sweet!

Making Kama an aro god of love sounds pretty cool honestly. It Subvert expectations in a truly unique way. But, like others have said, it was kind of doomed from the start.

Maybe DW can find another “love” god and make them an Aro!


Maybe it was doomed from the start because of Sakura, but considering the way they treated Artemis, I have no hope of ever getting proper representation in FGO.


To be honest for much I love Kama…I think you right, I like her to be a little more aro( I never heard of this term before thanks for the enlightenment) it’s fits is character a lot and make her a more interesting for my personal tastes, cuz it’s kinda way too clique and boring for servants in this point in the history too fall in love with the master that easily.

I heard a some complain about Kama summer character, that they make a maiden falling In love with the master, I don’t if this true or not cuz I don’t read lines of servant who are not in NA yet can someone tell me a little more about it?

(Sorry bad English)


To be completely honest my interpretation of Kama is a bit different than both of those.

I always saw her as being in love with the MC from the start. And Mata Hari. And Nightless caster. And Mash. And Gordy.

I have always seen her as being deeply in love with everyone…but herself. She HATES herself and doesn’t want to be loved back.

What I took the CE to mean is that she wanted to know if the MC could teach her the joys of requited love. To love someone and be loved back. Something she could only do if she could learn to love herself because she exists inside everyone.

So what the CE is really sayings is begging the MC to show her how she could come to one day love herself.

But that is my interpretation.


Japan is far far behind on the whole LGBT+ representation to begin with. It is hard to see them giving us aros and aces any decent rep in the near future.


I know that feel. I’m black and I’ve given up hope of ever getting a black/African servant.


Interesting interpretation. As an aroace I agree that learning to love yourself is really important. Maybe I’m reading into this wrong. Or maybe I’m so starved for representation that I’m looking in places where there can’t be any.


If you want to go full on the twist, one interesting pick is Voluptas, the grandaughter of Aphrodite through Eros (Cupid).

Voluptas means Lust, so having the embodiment of Sexual Love being basically unable to feel romantic love…

I just realized that’s a bit too much like Medb.


Also sorry for asking but what does this mean exactly?


Believe me I understand.

You just want to see a piece of yourself somewhere, anywhere, so that you can feel as though you aren’t alone. That you aren’t broken.


It is a way of saying that the concept of romantic love is so confusing and hard to define that I can’t say for sure if I experience it or not.

It is also called WTFromantic as in what the fuck is a romantic.

Ace is shorthand for asexual-a person who doesn’t desire to have intercourse with others. A lot of us asexuals have a bad tendency to try and come up with an array of micro labels for all possible romantic orientations that apply to us.


I don’t think asexuality is necessarily about the lack of desire for intercourse. It’s mostly about sexual attraction. Aces can desire to have sex but still not feel sexual attraction. In fact there is a subset of asexuality known as cupiosexuality which is about desiring sexual relationships but not feeling sexual attraction. It might be a hard concept to grasp, but some analogies have described libido as hunger and sexual attraction as a craving for a specific food. IDK if those overused analogies are helpful though.

I had this whole thing about a reasoning of Kama’s place in Chaldea. But I realized that I don’t actually have Kama. :fgo_jeannu: