An annoyed aro's small grievance about Kama

I don’t have her either, but I think she’s an interesting character, forced romance with the MC aside.

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“Duality of Man”

Again, I apologize.


You think that’s a lot of microlabels? Haha! I am actually an aegoromantic heteroaegofictosexual! (Yes, I am being serious. No, you don’t need to look all of those up.)


She is, it’s a shame my rolling session for her left a bad taste in my mouth. I still use her on my support from time to time. So I’ve gotten over it. As they say money comes and goes.

So this thread is about her sexuality. Okay.

I believe you but also only got about half of that.

There is a huge debate in the asexual community on the best way to define asexuality. Some say in terms of sexual attraction. Some say desire.

Some (like myself) argue that it doesn’t matter as it is the same exact thing and arguing about it is like arguing about if the word tomato should be pronounced “ta-mae-toe” or “ta-mah-toe.”

Either way I refuse to debate the point. I defined it in my post in the way it best applies to me.

Edit: I know this post sounds defensive, and I am sorry if it comes off that way. I just don’t want to get into that argument.


No worries. I understand that you don’t want to debate things like that, so let’s just agree to disagree. Anyway maybe this topic should be locked since it got completely derailed and I don’t want to attract more aphobes.


Alright, just gonna clean this thread up before someone else joins in.

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It’s cool.

I think our issue is that we are using different words for the same thing. I have had this conversation many of times before.

So rather than “agree to disagree” I am just skipping ahead to say I accept you and your definition if you accept me and mine. Radical acceptance nearly always results in a win for everyone :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t go that far, Requiem did introduce Nzambi, even if the event AFAIK didn’t feature her (because the LN has 2 volumes and her role isn’t done I imagine).

As you can see she has a ceremonial sword, so she is an Archer a Caster.


The Servant design thread has a rather intimidating length, so I never did post there, but when I was thinking about African (especially African American) Servants and trying to come up with a good one for each class, I thought about:

Saber: Crispus Attucks (non-American: Toussaint L’Ouverture - and wouldn’t his interaction with the French Servants be interesting; Yasuke – maybe in GUDAGUDA)
Lancer: John Henry (non-American: Shaka)
Archer: Bass Reeves (he could have crossed paths with Billy the Kid!)
Berserker: I didn’t feel like populating this class.
Rider: Harriet Tubman (also a possibility for Shaka)
Assassin: Robert Smalls
Caster: Frederick Douglass (non-American: Mansa Musa)


Also, to respond to the original topic of the thread, OP, how do you feel about Xuanzang? She seems quite free of sexual or romantic desire. (During the prison break she mutters that Wukong shouldn’t hit on women!)

It does seem to be hard to find other Servants who seem to be still rather human, not children, not married or having children in their original legends, and not interested in the protagonist. Mordred and Nezha might qualify but they both seem a bit dysmorphic right now. Qin Shi Huang seems to have transcended the whole affair entirely.


I think part of the challenge is the developers thinking beyond historical and fictional black characters who are easily recognizable to a primarily Western and East Asian audience.

Traditionally black cultures and traditions are chronically underrepresented, while many people in Western countries at least recognize, say, Norse mythology because it’s a pop culture fixture. When I was in school, Africa in particular was the continent we talked about only after Europe started carving it up.

If you leave it to DW, we gonna have Aunt Jemima (Berserker). And we thought Emiya Alter was controversial.


I think one of the big problems with Harriet Tubman would be the unfortunate term “servant.”

I wish the fate franchise had chosen and stuck with familiar or Heroic spirits rather than the term “servant.”


Yeah, I was definitely thinking one of the first lines out of some of their mouths after summoning would be, “Mas - ah, listen, you mind if I call you ‘Boss’?”


And I would think the first line would be “looks like I got a lot of work to do here…”

Then they proceed to knock you unconscious and run off with all your servants to liberate them all.

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I’m sure it had to come up in that other thread, but giving us loa as Servants has been a missed opportunity.



I’ll be rolling Summer Kama… if only to see how she is compared to OG.


Already like OG Kama well enough.


That’s strange, because of all the options that pop up in the roster, Kama is among the few I actually find believable to fall for Ritsuka and not because it’s simply Master.

After being incinerated by whoever the god it was, she was unable to even remember love. Then it became twisted. Yet she still wanted to give it, and people always ask for love.

The curious thing is that Ritsuka wouldn’t be asking her for it. Ritsuka doesn’t ask her for anything, in fact. When you play her interlude, she’s even in child form hanging around with the children Servants.

While Ritsuka certainly wouldn’t be the only one in Chaldea to be possible to trigger such feelings, specially in a place that also has some other good people, and with more wisdom and understanding, and even others who in life probably had very few of love as well, Ritsuka would be one who would be just about discovering such feelings, which would be different from almost everyone else there.

Proximity would bring them closer little by little. And considering the vessel and how traumatized she is to even use very young forms, it can work.

For all this I find Kama-Master believable, or at least far more believable than a far bigger part of the roster and Master, that’s for sure.


TL;DR: fucking read Ooku.

Aromantic was never going to happen with a character who is lore-wise also Mara, the demon king of the sixth heaven whose role is temptation.

She’s sick of dealing with other people’s love affairs, but planned to give everyone her love so she didn’t have to matchmake. That is different to not being interested in love at all.

Nevermind that her ‘I’m totally tsundere about love’ myroom lines at original release included her going all “you’re already inside me and can’t escape” and “…but I wouldn’t mind if you taught me about love.” The boat sailed long before Summer 6 or her Interlude.

Lastly she is an Evil of Humanity representing lust, paired with Kiara. Kiara is a narcissist who takes all love (and life). Kama gives love (& snusnu) until people are useless instead. Considering her role and who she is, why would she be aromantic? Even ignoring the Dark Sakura base.

You’re looking at snippets and seeing yourself reflected in them and wishing you had representation, but logically she doesn’t fit the bill and never did since her own debut event as antagonist.
She won’t help with love/do her job and is sick of her job because Shiva obliterated her for doing it and ughhh human troubles. However I already mentioned what her solution to this was above.