An annoyed aro's small grievance about Kama

You had to remind me of Artemis. I will never get over Artemis, every time i remember i just keep going ‘Why? Her? Her? Her?’ More than Kama, she is the rep aroaces could have had and is already ruined :fgo_casgilworry: :fgo_casgilworry:

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aromantic kama is like asexual fergus, it makes no sense.


It’s not so much of Sakura because Kama is the one in control in general terms.

She could never be aro in the first place as she tried to love and fuck the universe to death. By the end of Ooku, she does shows more signs of romantic tendencies.


I’m actually surprised we haven’t had an aro Servant tbh. It seems if there was ever a nation that I would associate with that, it would be Japan. I guess the issue is, sex sells (primarily female ones, I guess :roll_eyes: )and DW or whatever aren’t brave enough to tap into alternatives.

Kama is the wrong Servant to be trying to imprint on though, for the reasons already stated by others.


Popping back up to point out again that Xuanzang and Qin Shi Huang seem to fit the ace/aro bill just fine…


Xuanzang is almost like FGOs version of Luffy!


Bloom Into You :eyes:

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Watched that one when it came out

The result felt very…messy.

I’m not sure I understand
They can easily design a sexy character that just doesn’t want to have sex? Like it isn’t a rule that asexual people can’t be attractive :feh_confused: they just have their my room lines be about anything other than the master and you’re golden.

But they could have made her from the debut to where it would make sense. You don’t have to enjoy something yourself to tempt someone with it. I’m sex-repulsed irl but that doesn’t mean I can’t make a sex joke online.

I’ve known people that went to concerts for a band they hated because they wanted to spend time with their friends. Or made food they don’t eat (like vegetarians) bc they wanted their guests to be happy. Kama could very easily tempt people into having sex while not wanting to do it herself. It wouldn’t be the best representation I’d ask for, but we have other Servants who do things they don’t want to bc they felt it was their duty (like Eresh).

FGO loves it’s Greek mythos.
Hestia or Athena, I welcome you. :fgo_ishtarpuppyeyes:


(I don’t think I’m aro OP but like who knows? It hasn’t happened yet, maybe I am.)


The funny thing is that the original myth for Artemis before she was folded into the wider Greek Mythology was far from a virgin that protects the weak.

So while i wouldn’t say they took inspiration from that for Fate Artemis, it’s funny she aligns more with that version than the one everyone knows from Greek Myth.

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I thought the anime was beautiful but the manga ofc more so
But I’m not sure what part was messy for you, Seiji Maki was 100% aroace and a good representation of it. Yuu Koito is harder to say 100% but I always thought she was homoromantic ace.

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Messy in the sense they introduced a lot of side characters than on the whole didn’t really add much to the general story. Also that whole bit of Touko trying to become like her sister and hoping that Yuu wouldn’t fall in love with her felt like an unnecesary layer to the dynamic as a whole.

The premise as a whole of a more-than-likely asexual person trying to have a romantic relationship with a lesbian was very interesting but the pacing coupled with a lot of characters that while i understand why they were there, kinda bogged down the experience.

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Salome erasure :fgo_salomesmirk:


Really great analogy!


She’s the other side/aspect of Beast III. Beast III represents the evil of lust. You’d simultaneously be demanding that Kiara, a character pre-dating FGO, be tweaked if you want Kama to not be sexual.

Your Buddhist lore needs some serious brushing up if you think Kamadeva/Mara should be a being who doesn’t enjoy the act of tempting people into depravity.

The ‘sixth heaven’ they are the demon king of is the desire realm, Kamadhatu. Fun little tidbit- the six domains the paths of Pain & Rinnegan abilities are named after are the different sections of the desire/lower realm.



Mara is described as taking pleasure in leading people astray. Why would they not enjoy all of the debauchery they get up to?

Nasu didn’t pull the link between Kamadeva and Mara out of his arse, it’s an interpretation of texts that place them as the same being.

Kama being sick of doing her job is an okay characterisation, as it’s in the context of “I got turned to ash for doing as I was supposed to. So I’ve had enough of matchmaking like a good God now, so I’ll pair everyone up with me and Shiva can go fuck himself when I become a universe.”

But demanding her to represent asexuality is a huge stretch. It doesn’t fit the character outline at all, nor how Beasts work - all Beasts have to actually love humanity (despite causing their extinction).
This means their role as a beast (in this case prepresenting thr evil of lust) is performed out of love for humanity - in Kiara’s case it is a selfish love where she only regards herself as human, so rapture is for her sake. In Kama’s case it’s the opposite.

OP says Kamadeva is ruined by being a waifu for the main character, and would otherwise be asexual - which is bollocks. She represents lust and lapse in judgement, she’s supposed to be a god of love inhabiting Dark Sakura’s body, that also happens to be the demon king of desires/temptstion, and whose Beast designation requires her lust driven extinction event to be driven out of a twisted love for humanity.

What part of that sounds fit to be asexual? You want her to have apathy towards her entire reason for existence?

There’s a reason Kama is “urgh, tired of dealing with love for people” but “I love watching people be driven to misery by their filthy desires”, and it isn’t that she’s asexual - it’s that she’s leaning more into her role as Mara than Kama right now.

The event tells you this and it+the character as a whole has a root in Buddhist+Hindu lore, something Japanese society are a little more familiar with given that they imported buddhism long ago.


I mean have you looked at @RoysOurBoy? One of the sexiest people alive :cat:




10/10 would absolutely smooch and adore


Of all the characters, you think that Kama, the Puruṣārtha of desire, lust, and sexual pleasure, should be devoid of romance? I can understand not liking every character swooning over the MC, but you’d pick the embodiment of a Hindu god of love and desire to not show those two traits?
It’s like saying Zeus shouldn’t sit in the sky and toss lightning bolts around.