An appreciation post about Navarre, one of my favorite males in FE :navarreculture:

So this post has been a long time coming. As all of you know, I harp over Navarre all the time. I love him. So much. I think he’s one of the best Archanea characters, I think he’s one of the best males in the series, I even love him enough to convince the mods in making an emoji of him :navarreculture:
But why is this? Why do I love him so much? I never saw him as anything more than a meme character at first until I read up on him. I have never given a specific reason on why. Well I think it’s time I finally tell you guys. So sit back, relax, and welcome to another one of my TED talks/Support Sciences/Character Spotlights. Enjoy.

So, when talking about Navarre, let’s start with a basis on him. Navarre is a feared, cold and quiet sellsword in the continent of Archanea. Known for his fierce swordsmanship, he soon gained the name of Scarlet Sword, soon becoming know and feared continent wide. During the War of Shadows, he was hired into a group of cutthroats and pirates to keep a local cleric, Lena, hostage. After she had escaped with the help of a turncoat thief, he and a band of bandits gave chase. Eventually, they ran into a skirmish and clashed with Marth’s army. Being recognized from afar, Caeda had approached him and they had a small conversation. Since it would violate his own code, Navarre didn’t attack and heard her out. She eventually convinced him that this band of villians he was toting with was the wrong croud to run with. Wether it was because he did have good in his heart or was bound by his own code, he switched sides and joined Marth’s army. After the War of Shadows was over, he disappeared as if he never even joined the army. A few years later, another war started between Archanea and Altea. When Marth and his army was confronted by a group of theives, Navarre was spotted saving a dancer from the grasp of said theives, who he had turned sword against from working with. Once Feena, the dancer, joins with Marth and his army, Navarre assumes the role of Feena’s bodyguard, and is once again joined in Marth’s army in stopping the legendary War of Heroes.

Now, at first glance, Navarre seems very basic if you don’t have the fullest picture on him. And, like I said about Caeda in the appreciation post I made on her, he kinda is. But it’s the actions and conversations that really make him stand out. Not as much stuff to go over as there was with Caeda, but there are still a good few topics to talk about with him. Let’s go over them.

His/Other’s opinion on himself:
So Navarre doesn’t really think highly in himself. He thinks that he doesn’t deserve the company or respect of people and that they should stay far away from him. All because he’s nothing but a heartless killing machine. Why does Navarre see himself this way, shy does he depricate himself like this? It’s clear that people obviously do like and respect him and his skill with a blade. Caeda wouldn’t of recruited him if she didn’t believe he had a good heart. Feena wouldn’t keep wanting to talk and interact with him if she didn’t want to. Kris wouldn’t have so much respect for him if he wasn’t such a well know merc. People obviously think he’s anything but, yet he still pushes them away. Why? Unfortunately, we never know why he thinks himself this way. Has he become so skilled and serious about his job that he’s desensitized himself? I suppose we’ll never know as it’s never explained, but the more you think about it, the more interesting it seems.

The importance of his code:
Now, as stated before, Navarre has a specific personal code. The code is that he doesn’t take jobs that have to do with killing or harming women or children. Now, it’s never explained why he has this code. But the bigger question is that if he really is this heartless monster he says he is, why would he have this code in the first place? I’m sure most mercs wouldn’t hesitate for a second to put limits on their target choices, but he does. Hell, this code is exactly what makes him turn directly against the bad people who hire him. He did it in the War of Shadows, and he did it on his own free will in the War of Heroes without needing a pep talk like in SD, he’s just instantly a part of your team. Even in the Archanean Saga before the War of Heroes or Shadows started, this code bound him to save Lena from a group of thieves. But what does this code mean. Does he have this because he really does have morals and good in his heart? Unfortunately, this is never explained either.

His loyalty:
Navarre’s loyalty basically goes to whoever has the most money. It is in his job after all. But the thing about Navarre is that his loyalty is secretly very strong towards women and Marth, even when no money is even involved. In SD, his death quote is literally, “Marth… Don’t die”. And in NMotE he clearly turncoats against the band of thieves that hired him on his own free will just because they were attacking a woman. This even stretches in Warriors in his and Caeda’s support, where Navarre saves Caeda from an unseen archer just because he happened to be around the same area on the battlefield. This leads you to think, does he care? Does he somehow always find himself on the good guys side and betrayimlng the bad guys because he really does care about people? And humanity? And justice? Or is he just boud by his code? Yet again, this is never explained.

But all in all, what does this mean? Who really is Navarre? Does can he feel friendship and companionship? Can he only hate? Why does he have his code in the first place if he’s such a heartless killer? Why are none of his motives ever explained? Does he really want people to leave him alone and forget about him? Why does he think he’s nothing more than an ‘emotionalless killing machine’? What does it all mean?
You want to know my take on it?

I don’t think your supposed to understand him.

I think that Navarre was a character that is near impossible to properly understand. Even after everything I’ve said, I still don’t understand him. And that means a lot. See, with other quote-on-quote ‘edgelords’/Navarres in the series like Ayra, Marisa, Rutgur and such, you understand why they’re so distant and cold because you get to know their past. Navarre? His past is kept completely secret for the most part, and in turn that blocks off the reasoning for why he is the way he is. You may ask, does this hurt him? Does this go into downplaying his character?
Imo, no. He is one of the most mysterious and emotionally confusing characters I think FE has ever produced. And that… Is awesome. You get hints at what he is, but never the full picture on why. You literally can’t understand him. And that’s ok. That adds so much to him in design, imo. A character you actually can never fully understand is awesome and unique and something I can’t recall FE ever did properly ever again. And even if they did, I don’t think it would beat what they did with Navarre.
At first glance, he may seem like a stereotypical edgy type. But the more you think into him, the more you realize that it’s exactly as he says. You can’t understand him. Wether the developers did this intentionally or his whole design and concept just so happened to coincidentally come together so well is a mystery itself. But I know one thing…
I love Navarre. He deserves so much more credit than he gets. And he will always be one of my favorite males in the series. If not my absolute favorite.

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I would like another rework of the Archanea series because a lot of chara need more supports and the like for making them something else than bland potatoes…