An Astounding Archer Awe At Awful Average Association's Almanac: It’s the【The Wheat and the Anthem】Roll Thread

Fking Yostard always rushes to align with their re/tarded anniversary schedule, after Mansfield Break, we’re about to get another banner right away next week, let’s see what we have in this unanticipated banner :fgo_gudako:

1. Beanstalk

2. Iris

3. Archetto

Archetto theme song - Till The Bell Tolls

Good luck to all that’s gonna roll on this banner, a reminder for all that CC4 with Nian banner is after this one, followed by 1.5 anniversary with Dusk/Saga banner at the end of July :ak_saygoodbye:

Some Art


I said I’m gonna save till Skalter, but I can spare some for the 4heads gang + tophat


a reminder for all that CC4 with Nian banner is after this one, followed by 1.5 anniversary with Dusk/Saga banner at the end of July

They have got us good.
I expected Archetto to come after CC4 as the 3 banners are 1 month apart on CN.
But we have 3 banners stuck in less than 2 months, with interesting and new operators.
Dusk and Nian are limited but there are more and more operators in the game, so the chances of getting a specific operator decreases tremendously except during their banner.
That’s why I’m going to pull for Archetto and hope to get enough for Saga.

I am saving for the limited banners. But good luck to all of you rolling for cutie Iris and Archetto-chan. :+1:

Actually if you look at the former CN release schedule they started the beyond here event 2 days before Mansfield ended so the only reason people assumed this wouldn’t happen was because they were betting on them moving things around to make the direct half year and year benchmarks. When in reality they stuck to the basic schedule this time (only moved up the achieve update)

Also the Chinese new year event was actually the 9 month benchmarks not the half year events in the CN server so I don’t know why everyone thinks that’s the half year events when (on CN at least) the actual 6 month anniversarys were the commemorative event (release of Ethan and breeze and first joint banner) and chapter 8 release thank you event. The chinese new year limited banners events were at 9 months and 21 months respectively.

I’ll double check the global release but they have sped us up although the only thing they truly edited was to make our yearly anniversary sync up (which I don’t think is physically possible anymore with the amount of time and events between)

Because last year on half year anniversary on global we had Nian event at July 29th, Yostard would basically make that time be global half year anniversary and put Lunar New Year event at it, just look at how they rushed Beyond Here without any dead week after MB and CC4 announcement at mid July, then you see the event after it is Who Is Real which is magically at the end of July ~ global half year anniversary :fgo_gudako:

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Agreed on the last years chinese new year event linking at the 6 month global time but we have always been on a sped up schedule compared to CN at the start. But what I’m saying is in this case they are speeding up nothing. Look at the CN schedule you’ll see the time span between these events of Mansfield break , beyond here, cc4 were all close together with no or minimal break. Plus your forgetting ancient forge retrospection which is likely to be after cc4 and before the who is real event.
Also we passed the half year point for who is real to be the full half year event for global. Mid June is our 6 month spot. And with the current named events the fastest possible time for who is real is the start of August and that’s assuming they skip ancient forge retrospective.

We don’t have ancient forge retrospection :feh_facepalm:, what are you talking about?? :feh_lucyshrug:, the only thing that got rerun was Nian banner at CC4 :ak_saygoodbye:, ancient forge is a special operation event which is the type of event that never got a rerun at all :feh_facepalm:


My mistake I mistook the banner rerun as the event rerun but the point still stands. About the timing pace of these events on CN and shortest possible time of who is real coming to global. Your looking at August the earliest. Without a single weeks rest. That’s a month and half past the half year mark for global. We are still at a faster overall pace then CN but there’s no speeding being done right now during these events.

Uhm, we’ve been having a steady pace of 1 week break per event ever since 1st anniversary then suddenly there’s no downtime at all between MB, Beyond Here, CC4 and Who Is Real from now till 29th, and we got one and a half week break between CC3 and MB before that, if this isn’t rushing then I don’t know what to call it :feh_lucyshrug:


December 17th - January 7th: Mansfield break on cn (3week period)

January 5th-January 12th : beyond here (1 week)

1 week off which isn’t yet confirmed that we won’t have between beyond here and cc4

January 19th- February 2nd: cc4 (2 weeks)

Now look at the current global schedule so far

June 22nd - July 13th Mansfield break (3 weeks)

July 6th - July 16th : beyond here (10 days interestingly 3 more then CN)

Mid July CC4 confirmed the earliest possible dates for this is July 16th- July 30th which makes who is real August or if they give us the week off like cn between beyond here and cc4 then your looking at the 2nd week of August for who is real. No matter which version of timing it takes we are on pace to pass the 6 month global for who is real by a month and a half. And we are currently on the same speed on the events release as CN.

It’s not like we will have the anniversary on time anyway, remember 1st anniversary at December 30th while our actual date is January 16th, or our actual half year should be at July 16th not July 29th like last year, and using CN schedule to compare with global schedule is not good ever since Yostar rushed Children of Ursus, Twilight of Wolumonde and CC1 before Darknight Memoir, CN had their 1st anni on DM third week but we had 1st anni after it :fgo_gudako:, and despite all of that, we’re still 6 months away from CN :fgo_drunkgil:


Your only fully proving my point even more that if they are rushing or moving things around for the half year anniversary they already failed. Also in your logic then if our 1st year anniversary is 2 weeks early then shouldn’t our 6 month event be 2 weeks early and not 2 weeks late? Your just continually poking holes in the yostar manipulating the speed of events to reach milestones. The only time it was done was the reordering of events for our 1st year anniversary and even that was off and shouldn’t be possible to pull off again this year.

As if they don’t start to add long breaks or massive rearranging even bigger then last year then they will have our 2nd anniversary lead in walk in the dust starting in September they will have to pad it for over 3 months.

They will just pad new event to align 2nd anniversary to December 30th again, hell, just Preluding Light, CC5, ToW rerun and Hymnoi are enough, they did it once, they can do it again, and I never find Yostard schedule has any logic in it at all but to align anniversary around some specific time :feh_lucyshrug:


Beyond Here only last till 13th, those 3 days are for shop :fgo_gudako:


@discobot fortune

Are two Beanstalks enough?

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:crystal_ball: Concentrate and ask again

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How many rolls for pot 6 Beanstalk disco?

@discobot roll 1d100

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:game_die: 59


Did a tenpull for the guarantee.

3 Beanstalks!
Iris would have been nice but Elysium potential is useful. At least it’s not Chiave.