An average raiding day

So, did two Kyurim Raids today. First one, the five of us get Dragon Claw, easy win. I catch this:

Next raid, just a block away, same crew of five, we get Draco Meteor, still pretty easy, just more revives and hyper potions, and I get this:

So I guess it was exactly an average day for raiding. (I’ll take that kind of average day any day, please.) Huge standard deviation, though.

(Edit: in terms of stat total, it’s the maximum possible standard deviation, at 10.6066. Have the data go 45, 30, 45, 30, and the standard deviation drops to 8.6603, because of the (n-1) factor in the denominator of the square root.)


Wow chances of that happening are less then getting a shundo… and that almost never happens.

Play another 46 656 Legendary raids and it should happen again.

Congrats on your catches :+1: :+1: :+1:

I figure it would be exactly as noteworthy as getting a mindo (my term for the floor value, 10/10/10 for raids, 12/12/12 for lucky trades, etc.) and then a hundo, so chances would be one in 2 x (1/216) x (1/216) = one in 23328.

For what it’s worth, I now have 115 lucky pokemon, and none of them are hundos. Chances of that are 16.35%, so I’m unlucky, but not incredibly unlucky - if 6 people all had 115 lucky pokemon, on average one of them would have no lucky hundos, so that’s me.

Odds are funny and fickle things.

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