An expination of dancers for the player phase

Hello dearies. Im not quite done but Ive noticed a concerning situation. People dont know alotta things about my fav phase and what its all about. So Im going to give a few general tips (probably short) on the best dancers for it and why.

Who you use will vary and what dancers you choose and why also varies depending on units. I wont go to in depth but I will give a few general concepts to fix a misconception I recently encountered. Such as them wasting an action for ā€œXā€ effect.

All dancers need to do this. So thats a foolish thought. But I regress.

rule one, there are no bad dancers. Just better ones.

1: Cav dancers

So far we have exactly two. The player phase dosnt actually need there extreme range when under player control, a wom team can take them or leave them.

But the ramge is always a bonus. These unit types also make the best use of canto.

  • Sigurd

He has the probability of being the most useful cav dancer do to his universal button and consistent effect. Upon immediate use it is one of the few duo buttons capable of going off more than once, and effecting multipe in a turn. He also is possibley one of the best magic tanks in the game.

What does this mean for ard?: Nothing. Hes a decent duo who can run a raventome if you really squint, pretty ok on cav lines. His large atk stat and the fact that hes ranged means hes ez bait half the time.

What does this mean for ar0?: Hes a good option for tanking and potentially killing magic units. His button on occasion can be used for hit and run. Good for long ranged player phase teams.

What does this mean for summoner duels?: He is the best dancer you can use in this mode. He has the potential to threaten the maps weaker player phases do to his high atk, can tank and kill the games most common mage threats, and depending on cap skills and units he can become an aoe/iceberg threat to the board in time.

  • Azura/bird: She is azura on a horse. Surprising decently effective as a mage if needed, the best dancer you could use for units of thier game. Her overall use is ok, but not universal enough to be worth it if you have sigurd.

Ard: An ok ranged nuke if you squint. This is pretty shit tbh. Means she will be baited out rather you like it or not. She has no def really on either end of the spectrum, so no hope there. Still, she may fool a bad player and works well on cav lines. Is also a harmonic I suppose.

Ar0: Perfecf for corin focused teams and the like. Shes ok here

Summoner duels: Probably a fair unit to build around as her effect is potent. Shes also more than capable of sniping other player phases and oppressing the board.

  • Flyers:

Flyers are the second best in the game and can easily match cavs or surpass the cavs depending on effect. They tend to be excellent.

Ive gotten lazy.

to be continued.


Iā€™m gonna be squinting a lot :feh_nannasquint:


In essence. I assume. TA raven tome will make him to weak to rush death into blues yet potentially to strong for coloress and greens to stand before him. At least with deflects anyway.

I suppose azura can squint a good raven squint to. Idk. Ill need some more research on that end.