An initiative: Amber's Thread to track her weight loss

I’ll be honest with you guys, I’ve gained a good amount of weight during quarantine and it’s embarrassing. I got a cosplay outfit of Spark in the mail, on May 30th of this year, but the black and yellow coat that he wears, doesn’t fit my back that well. My back has always been a massive problem area for me, because there’s fat that bulges out and it’s also bad around my arms, the sides of my “Jigglypuffs,” and my belly. Well, this is gonna stop.

On July 25th, that’s when the GO Fest is going to happen. On that day, I would love to wear Spark’s cosplay outfit. As a promise, this thread will be made, to show my journey of walking to lose weight. I’ll also go back to the gym, because the one at my apartment is gonna open back up in a couple of weeks. So, I’ll be making a log on here of my weight loss journey, so I can wear Spark’s Coat. If anything eventful happens in Pokemon GO, I’ll detail it here.

Day 1

Today’s walk went from 5pm to about 6:45pm. I fought Cliff, twice and even though I had to run away like a scared little girl the first time, both times I came back and demolished his team

His team:
Pinsir, Electivire, Tyranitar
My winning Team:
Salamence, Swampert, Hariyama

His team:
Pinsir, Marowak, Tyranitar
My team:
Salamence, Swampert, Scizor

I’ve been rematching him, to try and get my revenge against Torterra, but both times, he had Tyranitar as his last Pokemon.

I’ve also been walking Articuno for a little while, because I thought I needed to build it up, to counter Torterra, but… I remembered that I have Scizor (oof). So I’ve decided to keep walking with it until it gets a candy and I’ll switch back to Garchomp and farm candies for it, because I want it to learn a second move. I made Articuno happy :3

So, let’s see if I can drop this damn back floof of mine :3


Best of luck to you! A think a lot of us have let ourselves go during the pandemic. Good for you for addressing it.

Don’t put too much pressure on the GO Fest deadline, but this is one the aspects I love about this game. It is so multidimensional.


Best of luck! I, too, have put on some extra pounds I need to get rid of (thanks COVID), so you are not alone!

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Good luck!!!

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You have my support! Just ensure that you want to lose weight for the right reasons (not to conform to a culture that holds up slim girls with light skin as the gold standard of beauty)!


I just used a chainsaw when I started my journey 🤷🏻 but all the best of luck

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Best of luck. I would suggest having some measurables that you can post to show progress. While the goal is losing weight, if you walk and work out, you’ll also gain some muscle (which is good) but weighs more than adipose tissue (fat), so just tracking weight isn’t the best way. I’d suggest that you measure certain places (waist, belly, wherever you want to reduce), and keep a log of those numbers, so you can track your success.

Further, you could post the numbers here. I’d suggest that you not post your original measurements, but rather post what you have lost. Waist down 1 3/8" would be a good result, for example, and those of us here could celebrate your successes with you.

Good luck, and remember that even if you don’t lose the inches you want, better fitness is a good goal too.

Day 2

Cooking dinner was enough of a chore for me. I had Chicken Katsu with some rice that had peas, carrots and corn in it. I was too busy today, to go for a walk, so I’ll dance and lift weights, before I go to bed. I went and got a shot (for a ladies only issue), and Chompey was pretty happy, today :3
(In the waiting room with me):

I’ll dance tonight and then I’ll go for a walk tomorrow. Tomorrow is Wednesday and the rocket grunts/admins should be appearing more frequently, so I’ll be able to finish off the “The Shadowy Threat Grows” tasks :3


Best of luck … I own a fitness and spa business so here is a key tip in case you did not know. To most efficiently lose weight you need to do both aerobic activities such as walking, biking, jogging etc AND do some weight training. The muscle you add via weight training (it won’t be much, don’t worry) will increase your metabolic rate substantially resulting in greater calorie burn throughout the day. The burn from cardio lasts only a short while after you stop the activity. A bit of diet also helps but the weight training is the real key to sustainable fat burn and weight loss. You may not see enough progress / weight loss by the GO Fest but there is no practical /good way to lose weight quickly except for excessive diet … which is not sustainable long term, only makes you feel bad and frankly does as much harm as good. I am not sure anyone should look as skinny as Spark so don’t fret if you end up as a healthy body mass version of everyone’s favorite yellow punk.

Day 3

I took a shorter walk, because my mom had to take my roommate to the urgent care. But, as soon as I stepped outside for my walk…

I HATCHED A SHINY LILLIPUP! But other than that and fighting a GO Rocket Grunt (Fire-Type one), nothing too eventful happened. I’ll do my best to make sure that Garchomp is always this happy, during my walks:

She’s happy :3
Also, I got a cute nickname from someone, because there’s this big bag I take with me on my walks that’s rainbow colored. My nickname is “Rainbow Bright”
(I like it :3)


Thankfully, the community gym should open back up soon, so I’ll workout there:

1 hour there lifting weights and using the exercise bike
1 hour walking for not only a Cooldown walk, but also counts as my GO day :3

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Day 4

So first off, I find a Four-Leaf-Clover, near one of my local churches:

Next, I walked up to my college, which was eerily empty (except for a couple of campus security employees) and I beat about 4 gyms, by myself and they’re now instinct gyms, right now (everyone’s Pokemon there had low enough CP for me to pick a fight there). I also took in some raids and I fought like about 6 Rocket Grunts today (mostly electric and the dreaded flying ones) but they were all flawless sweeps. I also found this:

I almost forgot to feed Garchomp for the day, but I did and I found out:

DID I SERIOUSLY WALK 5KM (ABOUT 3 MILES) TODAY!? Damn… I’ll be one hot mama soon :3
There was a rocket admin, on the hiking trail that’s behind the college, but my mom told me to stay away from the hiking trails, because of the current Coronavirus and political situations going on right now, but… That was nice :3

Damn, today was eventful, in the best way possible :3
Also, one of my smaller shirts is starting to fit better on me! (Yay! My Nirvana shirt fits better again :3)

Day 5

Today was more of a rest day than anything. I felt pretty crappy and I felt like I had no energy, so I’ll exercise later tonight (I’ll make sure my dinner is even smaller). On the road with my mom and roommate, I found these:

Tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy and cooler outside, so I’ll take a longer walk, to make up for the rest day.

TL;DR: rest day

There will always be tough days. Don’t let them get you down. You can do this.

Day 6

Damn, I CLEANED UP!! I took a 2 hour walk, to make up for the one I didn’t do, yesterday. Today, I think I destroyed like 10 Rocket Grunts and none of my Pokemon fainted! Also, there are a good amount of gyms on campus and some of my Pokemon are still there

Some of them don’t even have good IVS! I think the Dragonite has 0 Attack, but damn! I also found a shiny Sudowoodo:

And I was able to walk for a good amount of time to where Chompey’s hearts for walking were maxed out w/o Poffin:

The only thing I didn’t like was that there were no admins, anywhere!

Babe, they were scared of me :3
They know damn well they’ll lose to me

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Day 7

Well, today was something. I was gonna take a shorter walk, but it turned into another 2 hour walk. Oops! Anyways, I finally fought against some Admins, for the “The Shadowy Threat Grows” quests, but both times, they were Cliff and both times, no Torterra! Come on, I wanna freeze that wretched thing! The first fight, only my Swampert fainted:
(Pinsir, Electivire, Tyranitar)

Second time was a false start, because I had Tyranitar instead of Salamence, but I came back and smited him :3
(Pinsir, Marowak, Tyranitar)

I didn’t find any shiny Pokemon, but I fought around 10 grunts and one of them…

The purplish Pokestop had one and a female grunt (fire), showed up at the one that was behind me :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I found one of the what I call “cocky grunts,” because they are determined to win. The “Don’t bother - I’ve already won” ones. I beat them and with literally the last Premier ball, I catch Shadow Lapras!
(Lapras, Poliwrath, Gyarados vs. Tyranitar, Hariyama, Ampharos)

Then, there was a weird glitch, where I beat a gym, but it took longer to register my Snorlax.

Eventually, it corrected itself and Snorlax was properly registered:

I reclaimed all the gyms that I had Pokemon there, yesterday. So, this concludes the first week of doing this :3
(Look how happy she is!)

Week 1 Results

I wish I had a bathroom scale, so I could weigh myself and see if I have lost any weight. Next time I go to the doctor’s office, I’ll weigh myself there. Last time I weighed myself, I was a staggering 298 pounds! YIKES. This was the fattest/heaviest I’ve ever weighed, in my entire life! I could not believe I was that heavy, and I a 5’11’’ 23 year old girl! This was unacceptable!

I am feeling a little bit of a difference. Some of my shirts are fitting better, my feet and hips are a little sore, but it’s manageable.

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On the bright side, it is easier to get in shape while you are young.

You can do it!

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True, plus I have the summer off (no college classes this summer) so I can exercise to my heart’s content :3

Hopefully I can keep the weight off, when I do return to college. I’ll be taking bachelor’s level classes, so I’ll be incredibly busy, but hopefully, I’ll find a way to fit in a good long walk somewhere in the schedule

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Day 8

Nothing too eventful happened, except…

Chompey has a ribbon now :3 (I wish I could place it on the star that’s on her head). I fed her a poffin, so that explains why she’s so happy:

I reclaimed the gyms and…

All these Yellow gyms were taken over by yours truly :3

Also, I FINALLY GOT TO THE NEXT ROUND OF THE “GO MELTAN” QUESTS! Except, I’m at a roadblock, because I need to catch fossil Pokemon and there aren’t that many around.

(Beating a 3 star raid all by yourself feels great :3)
So in total, I walked about 5.1km (almost 3.2 miles) today