An initiative: Amber's Thread to track her weight loss

Day 11

(Again, another short walk. These next couple of walks might be shorter, because we all get paid tomorrow and bills are being taken care of, so I might not be able to squeeze in a walk.)


G̶̢̱̀o̴̧͎͓̽͛̿ ̵̞́͜͠͝a̷̭͍͒͗w̵̧̥̻͝a̷̪̓ẏ̶̭̫

Anyways, I found some more grunts to fight and… Look at that candy count:

69, baby :3
I also got one of the absolute best research quests to do:

(So easy! And for a rare candy no less :3)
But yeah, Arlo and Sierra really need to show up more.

Again, to Cliff: G̶̢̱̀o̴̧͎͓̽͛̿ ̵̞́͜͠͝a̷̭͍͒͗w̵̧̥̻͝a̷̪̓ẏ̶̭̫

Bro, it feels like the pandemic wanted me to go on walks. The moment it started, I was on daily walks.

Day 12

Finally, a leader who isn’t Cliff!!

What was annoying was that I had to run, twice, because the Mawile knew Ice Fang. The guide I used didn’t tell me that it could get Ice Fang! I then had to retreat the 2nd time, so that Arcanine could get Fire Fang as its Fast Attack. The third time was the charm :3
(Mawile, Charizard, Salamence vs. Arcanine, Swampert, Scizor)

Afterwards, I bought a Rocket Radar, because my mom allowed me to get some pokecoins, last night. And did I find Sierra?

DOOOOOOOOOOOOD. I told you to go away! So, I kept looking, because there was a likely candidate, for her to be at.

AY-YAI-YAI! I should’ve fought her earlier, because there was a pokestop at a Starbucks that she was at, but it was a little after Cliff and his Torterra had destroyed my self confidence, so I didn’t bother. Plus, my mom was driving and I don’t like asking her if we could pull into a parking lot, because there’s a pokestop there that has an enemy to fight. She has a short-temper and she kinda scares me. So, I decided to fight Arlo.

This time, I didn’t have to chicken out. Everything went nicely, won first try
(Mawile, Charizard, Scizor vs. Arcanine, Swampert, Scizor)

I had to cut this walk short, as well. My mom needed help with something, but I helped out with something and I got paid to do so :3 (only 10 dollars, but it’s something nice :3)


Raids I fought in:

Hai there :3

Today was SUPER eventful and I enjoyed it :3
The walk was between an hour and an hour plus a half.

Keep it up, and congrats on working towards your goal!

I’m gonna go cry…

I was looking forward to celebrating my birthday with my classmates and friends… Now I can’t. I was also gonna dress up as Spark for the first day of Fall Quarter and dress up as Owain from Fire Emblem for Halloween…

Day 13

I couldn’t go for a walk, today. I’ll probably go dance or some shit…


Hey, hey, hey. You’re not the only one whose been away from their friends for so long, some more than others, and I can feel how you miss them desperately. Band and my friends were what kept me from being depressed by the lack of true morality in my life and lies that people come up with, and now, I can’t see them. But I’ll pray, hope, and find my own way to ensure that we’ll all be able to see each other again, on the same field, under the same sky.

You have a nice voice, by the way :)

Thanks, but… I don’t like how my voice sounds.

What!? Really? I like it. What would you prefer to sound like?

I sound like a little boy! I’m a 23 year old girl… If I could, I’d rather sound like my age and sound like a girl.

I understand, my voice’ll soften and then deepen, it’s just a mess sometimes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ooh, I forgot to say, keep up the good work, just continue to go at it and you’ll arrive where you’ll want to be in due time, and I’d like to have a battle someday, if you would.

I’ve been picked on by so many people (mainly teachers and even my own mom) about how I sound. I hate my voice so much, sometimes I wish I was mute

I’m sorry to hear that, it shows you what’s truly inside of those people when they choose to attack you for something that you didn’t choose or have no control over.

For my mom, I have trouble with the tone of my voice. Sometimes, I’ll say something but it’ll sound different than what was intended, where I’ll say, “I’ll do it,” but it sounds angry or tiresome.

I have trouble hearing the tone of my voice, if that makes sense. What my mom does, is essential the Chicken SpongeBob meme:
I’ll say one thing in a tone that I didn’t mean to say it in and she’ll say it again, but more exaggerated (kinda almost like she’s mocking me)

I want to work on my tone of voice Because I can’t answer everyone in an angry tone (especially if I want to run a cupcake shop).

I also have Autism, where it affects my social skills. I feel like I can’t control the tone of my voice that well.


Would prefer to send this as a private message, but I don’t know how to do that.

You seem to spend a lot of your mental energy putting yourself down. Your own reports of not being sexy, wearing glasses, being overweight, and not liking your voice give me pause. Recognizing your autism and managing it are good traits, but not ones that should make you feel as though you are ‘less than.’

It’s one thing to recognize one’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s another to constantly dwell on the negative parts. I would suggest that you consider some sort of counseling or therapy to work on your self image. Hopefully there’s a part of you that loves who you are, accepts your weaknesses, and can recognize that ‘I am enough, I don’t have to make excuses for myself, and I deserve a happy life.’ I would hope that you could nurture that part of yourself, use it to help motivate you to keep doing the work you’re doing to get in shape, and also work towards getting to a healthier place in your head.

With you in spirit - best of luck.

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First, you did the right thing by not getting in. There are people like this that simply troll around looking for anyone who will get in their car, and then they might do something awful with them. Someone doesn’t get in, they keep trying elsewhere. It’s sick, and if you felt that you could, you should call the police about it, report the make and model number of their car, and their license plate (snap a photo of the plate if you can do so safely).

What you experienced is sexual harassment (assuming your read on what the person said in their language was accurate), and no person should ever have to experience that. Don’t trivialize this as some dude hitting on you inappropriately; the suggestion to get in their car makes it much worse. Now, if a guy driving by you in a car suggested meeting up for coffee sometime, that might be attention that you don’t want, but it’s not harassment unless he persists after being asked and then told not to.

Someday, if you want it, you can find a person who thinks that you, just as you are, are a sexy person. That’s not a bad thing, and if you find them attractive too, it can be a beautiful thing. Don’t tie the idea of mutual, reciprocal, appropriate attraction into what this creep was trying to do to you. More on that in another post.

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I’ll see what I can do. It’s a little hard to still see a counselor right now, face to face, because of the Coronavirus situation.

Day 14

Now that Garchomp has her 2nd charged attack and the Best Buddy ribbon, I’ve decided to work on getting the Best Buddy ribbon for Tyranitar

For today, I did fight some grunts and I got the radar and… Three potential candidates for Sierra.


Really…!? I’m starting to regret more about not fighting Sierra. Thanks a lot for making me feel like shit for two days, Cliff! (That’s why I didn’t fight her at the time: low self confidence.)

But, I took in a raid (Aerodactyl). I soloed it and…

This was down to the wire! Ampharos was the only healthy Pokemon left (I think she’ll be my next best buddy after Tyranitar).

Week 2 Results

The reason why I hatched so many eggs is because my mom let me have some pokecoins, so I bought one of the boxes that had a bunch of incubators and super incubators. In comparison to Week 1’s results, I’m surprised I walked a little further, overall, because I had to cut some of these walks short. I’d still like to at least get the 50KM rewards, since I’ve never done that before.

I still don’t know how much I weigh now, but it’s possible I’ve lost weight, since things are fitting a little better and I’ve been actually able to run a little better, without tiring myself out, immediately. I still tire out, but it takes longer to do so. I am seeing some improvements, but it’s still a long way to go.

Even though I won’t be able to do Fall classes in person (and possibly winter classes in person), I’ll still keep exercising, because it’s a healthy thing for me to do. Plus, going for walks is helping me stay sane at least.