An Interesting Freebie

Say hi to my free Summon on the New Power Banner.
What am I suppose to do with this? As I thought he had Swift Stance 3 all this time.
Had he had Swift Stance 3, he would’ve gone to Lugh.

I don’t have a lot of use for him in the Red Mage department as I have quite a few.

& when it comes to possibly foddering him for his B, none of my higher Res. Units seem like they need it.

I’ll take any considerations, as of right now. He’s just gonna collect dust, & I don’t really want that for him.

Same. His manual has been collecting dust for me for a while now… :man_shrugging:

Just give the serpent tome to Sophia. Huge flex imo

I gave sabo spd to Caeda

But he doesn’t have great fodder. Tome is alright. Sabotage is pretty decent