An Interesting Minotaur Battle

I’ve been slowly going through Lostbelt 1, trying to finish it off before the next GudaGuda event, and I got to the final Minotaur battle.

I decided to try a thematic team out just for the fun of it, and then I’d take the battle more seriously afterward in the likely case that it didn’t work, this was the team:

Basically it’s an Asterios + Euryale (with their relationship counselor Waver) vs Minotaur fight.

Here’s how it went:

The Full Fight

Of course I’ve got to clear out those pesky Oprichniki that don’t understand this is a personal fight, so Nursery Rhyme flings toys at them until they die and then I swap her out.

Now the team’s together, so I activate all the related skills and go for an Asterios brave chain with his NP.

The initial plan has worked, taking 0 damage from all of his attacks for now, now I just need to charge up Euryale and heavily rely on her to win while hoping Asterios survives.

Looks like I forgot to screenshot turn 4, but clearly as the Minotaur buffs himself he starts doing damage again while I continue NP charging. At this point I use Euryale’s charm to buy myself a turn.

It works out, I’m all set up to clear his first health bar and her NP will charm him, buying me another turn.

I still want to avoid his debuffs, but also don’t want to miss a Euryale charge opportunity, so I use the MC Stun on him and charge and use Asterios’ NP so I can do an Arts chain.

Waver’s other two skills come off cooldown, so I’m somewhat safe even though he’ll use his NP on me this turn. Also you can see that Arts chain went well for Euryale.

I forgot to screenshot another turn, but clearly the Minotaur is doing damage again. However, Euryale is ready to use her NP again, so I use the MC attack buff to hopefully make up for the attack down from the Minotaur’s NP.

The attack buff wasn’t enough, Euryale’s NP has bought me another turn, but now I’m out of gimmicks to buy me more turns and all the defense debuffs are on cooldown, so I expect this team to die off, it was a good run while it lasted.

The Minotaur stopped just short of killing Euryale and didn’t touch Asterios at all, and Waver’s skill just came off cooldown to charge Euryale so she can finish the Minotaur off!

At this point I don’t even care that none of these servants were summoned to Lostbelt 1 officially, this is now my personal headcanon for how the Minotaur got defeated in the story, it’s just too perfect.

This was pretty fun, I’ll have to try these silly ideas out more often.


I guess Asterios Alter remembered his meeting with Euryale so had a last moment hesitation.


I did an Euralye solo for this, it was close.

If he attacked 3 times instead of casting one skill, it would be over.


Out of curiosity why didn’t you just record the fight and share the video ?


In my case Eury and Asterios’ “Counselor” was George. Between MLB Shroud of Magdalene, his 1st skill, Eye of the Euryale and Chaos Labyrinth’s attack debuffs it took a while for him to even start taking damage

Haven’t really looked into whether I can record gameplay on my tablet, so that’s why. I know how to on computer, but it’s a mobile game, so I don’t have it on my computer.

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I see, I play on my phone and record with the screen camera. Just thought it’d be interesting to see the battle and wondered why you hadn’t shared it that way