An Observation

Brave Ike, when paired with Brave Lucina and Flayn, is an immortal killing machine who absolutely shatters the weapon triangle. I am sure this has been talked about before many times. But I only just slapped DC/Null C-Disrupt on him (previously had Steady Breath/QR3) and he just. Murders things. All the things. Units who are apparently about to do massive, fatal damage to him just kind of… go tink tink upon impact like they’re tapping sadly on transparent aluminium that they thought was just glass.

He’s currently only +3 with zero DF, although I really think I’m going to finally use my stockpiled DF to +15 him and then start saving up for his rerun in February.


Well yes… thats how Damage Reduction works

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It’s like you exist to ruin people’s fun.

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How did you find out?


Nah that’s Bramimond’s job lol


Bram and Deadeye would like to know your location

Fr tho, stuff like this is why it’s often better to target the supports with stuff like Eliwood or impacts, rather than try and take down the main tank 100% of the time


Discovering easy mode :feh_ikestare:


Using the easy mode is the disgusting part, imagine using ike when you can fodder him off for sweet breath and aether fodder


Give him NFU to stop doubles from Brami & co. and give Lucina or Flayn some Drive Res stacks to patch up his weakness to mages

And yeah, I have a max-investment B!Ike (+Spd and I run Pulse Smoke). He’s immortal bar a few red powerhouses (Lysithea, Larcei), Sturdy Impact Bramimond, and Lunge shenanigans (Eliwood, mostly) that get him away from B!Lucina

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But he doesn’t have the Spd to allow Brami to double

This guy has shattered Brave Ike’s fun for many ARO foes who have graced my doorstep. And BEdelgard, BDimitri, FIke. All of them.

BIke is really good. Which is why I have him. I can’t remember the last BIke team who won against me…

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Right but Brami gets an automatic double from his weapon, no?

Only if his foe has 35+ Spd

Or if you’re debuffed

Which is likely

Also Brami’s weapon performs a speed check before his PRF C disables drives, so B!Lucina and Peony’s speed drives would actually take this B!Ike to 35 exactly, no?

I mean that to, but it’s fairly easy to not get debuffed unless your not paying attention to enemy skills

Sometimes it’s unavoidable with shrines or ploys and whatnot

And with merges and Peony, B!Ike will hit that 35 speed regardless

and then Eliwood happens

Yah sure with more Merges/DF and Light Blessing with Peony on the team he can reach over 35… a lot of units can reach that high, hell I’ve made a build where even L.Edelgard has over 35 Spd

Right and OP says they’re saving for merges in Feb and thinking of dumping those DFs

And why would you not bring Peony :eyes:

So yeah, NFU B!Ike is kinda necessary to tanking Brami

Well except NFU Brami is also pretty common from my time in Dark season so they would cancel each other out no