An Ode To Lynja

Oh Lynja, how I love thee; let me count thy ways…

(No bonus = F so I work with what I gots)
(Also why bolt tower still rules)

BUT, this is why I can hardly tank anymore. Fatal smoke and save skills (last map I lost to had both, and both units had unity Atk Def) are a thorn in my side. Even Ike would’ve had a hard time… maybe could’ve killed Sigurd after weakened with bolt if I smited him in there, but then no Lucina support. And no pots even if he did omnitank.

So yeah… Lynja is my preferred method for a while. She can even take out some far save units occasionally.

@MiThiKaL might dig this


That’s awesome, I haven’t really been using my Lynjas much for AR lately. I don’t think I’ve used them enough in this way to feel comfortable going for it. People are quick to discount a play because she’s on the team, but it actually takes some thinking and planning to pull off. While maybe less effort than a standard Galeforce approach, still more respectful than a straight end turn tank.

With that said, I’m still out tanking everything I can haha. Do you not have a max BHector that could have tanked this btw? Just curious if there is something specific stopping it.


What’s more cancerous than a Lynja?
TWO LYNJA :feh_ardenwoke:
I wish I could have 2 Lynja for trying cheesing AR-D but I don’t even use my free one so and don’t have duo peony so…


Yeah actually that’s part of the problem, I got Hector sitting on Astra. My light blue is Fonz but with hindrance I gotta get someone else in there.

@Kroeger yeah I need duo peony bad for max power lol.


I actually use a similar strategy on Astra! I fruited my first Lynja and gave her the Fury dagger + fury so she’s a WoM beacon after two combats. I summoned a perfect IV Lynja on the LHR banner and she has Fury 4, her prf, and WoM so she can clean up with a couple dancers’ help. It is fun to do when it works, like your example above.


I’m even finding without peony support she can still take out Seiros, Henrietta, and other with the right support. She is wicked scary.


Just want to add an example of double DuoLyn power against a cavline that I would otherwise be totally slaughtered by.



I think Lynja will age well like Duofonse.
I might try her in AR-O if I get another one

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Bravo, bravo! Beautiful!

(Am guessing pumpkin box Lynja? I see a 2 hit WoM which is incredible. Makes me want another Lynja and Dolza for options on another Lynja line)

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Yes, see a couple posts up. Works well for me!
These stats don’t reflect Reginn/Altina mythic boosts


How often do you run into trouble with pumpkin since it’s not a brave weapon like Tailwind? That would be my only concern.

But dang, a 2 hit beacon is amazing

EDIT: mine, and of course as mentioned the second one is an SS. I may change it out and give it to Hector, but we will see. Kronya had it forever. (Bike and W Altina happily have my other two)


Well it definitely limits overall firepower. But the extra bulk is welcomed (27 defense and 48 hp usually doesn’t get ohko’d). I did double savage blow at first but quickly switched to swift Sparrow seal because she needed that extra oomph to nab the KOs. Also, about 60% of the time I combine my strike with my bolt tower which makes it less of an issue.

Like @MiThiKaL has said, it is nice to have your WoM beacon not be reliant on anything else to get into range (not triggering the bolt trap, not the enemy attack, and not a dancer) just to make the strategy more reliable. That guy on Reddit (seadolphin?) has another opinion but he stacks attack drives and has a pile of powerful supportive dancers to make his strategy work (which obviously works way better than mine).

Also there’s definitely the tradeoff of firepower but it has worked for me for the most part. I just use my B!Hector team if it’s not going to work with DuoLyn.


That Seadolphin is a genius. But yeah, options and alternatives are the way to go for sure.