An unhealthy dilemma :feh_legion: (healer merge project)

I’ll use this as an introduction

So, you can probably tell by this I don’t like my son’s Forrest’s stat distribution. At all. And I have my reasons. Actually, they aren’t ‘reasons’ but a reason, who has a name and fluffy hair.

I really like Mercie, sure, she’s not my favorite 3H girl, but she holds a special place in my heart :feh_flaynsmile: like most BL characters, tbh
So as soon as she was demoted I started building her up. The thing is her speed is… there, you could say. It exists, but that’s it. I’m the kind of person who really min/maxes speed, if I’m going to work on it then I want that unit to have a decent chance to consistently double. So if I want a character to be speedy, you could say I want them to double every last one of them.
Because of this, having only 38 speed at max merges and dragonflowers (with a speed boon) and seeing how speedy was becoming the meta, I just decided to give up and work on her attack so that she could hit hard (and increase her support capabilities!) and that’s how mine ended up looking like that :feh_catria:

So, I had a ‘defensive’ infantry healer, I needed an offensive cavalry healer, and I even have atk/spd push 4 fodder ready. I know Nanna is a very good option, but I haven’t played Tharcia and I prioritize characters I like over good units :feh_legion:

And now I find myself in this situation: I want to merge Forrest, and I probably will because he’s my precious baby boi and I love his art, but his speed is just a big flat no. I’m also merging Mercedes, I really like her and that hasn’t changed

What should I do? :feh_myrrhthink:

  • Speedy Mercedes: she might double some Gen 1 units :feh_elisad:
  • Only slow units are allowed to be fast: speedy Forrest :feh_reinyes:
  • Save the fodder and build them both defensively

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I’ll only do a fast Forrest if he gets a speed superboon tho


I’m having the same dilemma. :catcry: I guess I’ll wait and see more of Forrest’s art and voice lines, then decide who I should build. I’m leaning towards Forrest because as much as I do like Mercie, I love Forrest. He’s probably my favorite Fates character.


I’ll say that Mercedes is actually a better option

Also their are already some alternatives to Forset like Priscilla
She has 3 minus atk but 3 more spd
Same defence and 2 more res
However the biggest difference is the character itself , but as a Cavallery healer I would recommend both

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But I’m not building Forrest because of his potential as a unit but because… well, because he’s Forrest :feh_maristare:
Also I said speedy Forrest as a meme, kinda like speedy Reinhardt :feh_flaynfish:


Yes, Indeed I wrote that

I’m sure that he could work better as a mage check instead of an offensive staff

Built mine in a similar fashion as a dollar-store B!Luci for my Infantry mages. I’ve learned to use her to soften up big targets, and occasionally OHKO some low res units, bit she’s not a brawler or a speed demon. She’s lukewarm on most things, but she fills a good role when I need infantry healing but also provide some cover for my nuke.

Here is mine two merges ago, all the skills are maxed now

Wait for Marianne to debut and build her

Jk. Honestly I think Mercie can double some stuff if she’s under the right conditions. Sure she might not be doubling Mareeta or anything, but with enough buffs it can work I think

I probably will if she’s a demote I don’t think that will be the case though :feh_legion:

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Yeah I doubt she’ll be a demote and besides I don’t want her to be

join speedy Forrest gang :catdance:


Welcome to the “we love Forrest club”. I may not be the president but I am a high ranked member ‘^’ That beeing said. SPEEDY FORREST GO


Meet one of the two +10 units I have:

I went with speed. I really prefer speed here even when it’s not ‘‘current meta speed’’ It prevents her from being doubled by some mages and she can double some slower tanks, not everyone has Mareeta levels of speed. Never attack, always speed, always. (thumbs up if you get the reference)


Double savage blow but no pain+, 0/10 :feh_legion:

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Definately on the lookout for a speedy Mercedes, but the game thinks I really need a +def version.

Do you have another character ready to reposition her out of harms way after she attacks? How do you keep her safe?


Well I have a sneaking suspicion that Forrest might have a super boon in speed (it’s not uncommon for units with 26 in a stat to have it 30 with a boon) so if he does that will help. Unfortunately being a healer limits his options for increasing his speed. Atk/spd push 4 is obviously the best option. You could combine it with atk/spd bond seal or even just the basic atk/spd 2 stat boost seal. So it definitely seems like fast Forrest isn’t impossible, it just might be somewhat difficult. I’d wait until we see if he has a super boon like I think he might.

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Please let this be true. This would be amazing. I would give Forrest Spd/HP seal because of the push skill I want to give him. (And I allready use atk/spd bond on someone else)

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@Dei-Dei Pain+ is certainly worth considering. But Flash is pretty good in AR defense since it helps other units deal with vantage units and it makes engaging tanks without Null C-Disrupt much saver. (The light blessing is temporary)

My V!Alm is usually the one to reposition her. But sometimes a dancer makes Mercedes go all out. This is usually a good thing because Mercedes has a supportive role: damage spread and annoying status effect. Plus she gets Infantry Pulse support in the defense I’m currently working on which helps her enable Miracle after two rounds.

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