An unusual BK build

So, here we are . I play this build in any evyroment, especially in Aether raids.

  • Armorshasher(eff) weapon

why?? you say? Onestly, this seems situational, but can be really useful more than you think. I would say first that my boy is protected by Veronica, Reinhardt, New year Ryoma , traps and by Greil, his partner in crime, who wear a similar build. So , is not so easy to reach him and one shot him. Because yes, the build have his impact, but i think that positioning is more important than that. You can have the best Gampress build, but others are always Brainy enough to find a way to kill you, if not protected enough. And Speaking of that…

A way used by majority of others for kill your armor unit is this: they put a very bulky unit than yours with color advantage( or not…) and simply wall you, to let your team split apart for easy win. That was the case for me. Armorsmasher units can’t reach me because of Bk protectors, but ironically , others armored units, can. I tried any positioning, but i start to think this strategy when others players costantly block me with this guy:

Surtr is a disgusting fortress, with his enormuous defense( with His A skill support) can survive bk without fear of black luna( even with bold fighter, Surtr will simply stop him with his wary fighter), and next turn free -20 hp and the enemy give to the poor Bk the final blow, with mages and priestess.

In Aether raids i think that the first encounter is important; yes, you need to win the first encounter, for your team sake . If you kill one of the enemy’s wall, you have done an immense damage to your aggressor. I see some guys simple rage quit when they lost a key unit. So tha’s my point:

With this weapon, if anyone with a solid tank want to block BK will face a powerful slap in the ass . And of course, armor Buffs and His abilities will help him to better finish his job. I used mass Duel simulator for calculate the possibilities, and only few armored units can survive him in a first ecounter, if my Veronica don’t charge to soft them:

Merged Surtr( is enough a +1…sadly)

Effie( Wary fighter let her survive)

Idunn ( she can survive and kill him if he don’t wear a Svalinn shield, aniway i don’t see her too much)

Others armored units, with meta builds, pretty much perish in the first encounter, even with the high merged state.

I don’t want to post all those encounters now, but if you ask I will show you the encounter you want.

  • movement or support skill are all up to preference.

  • A skill, Distant counter or Svalinn shield.

I use the first ability the most, because of necessity to counter ranged units, Svalinn Shield is situational.

  • B skill , Special Fighter. With this B he charge black Luna and stop enemies specials from activate.

-C skill armor march. Anything to say.

  • S skill, Deflect magic.

With the Meele spot covered, BK need a garancy from speedy mages, or from the great and feared Reinhardt.

This is my BK build, what do you think? You have better bk builds? Tips for armor emblem to share? Leave comments here.

I personally his Special Spiral builds the most, such as the one linked here:

However, it looks like you put quite a bit of thought and effort into this build, so if you think you should do it, don’t let anyone stop you!

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This is a… “Interesting maneuver.” :sunglasses:

Zelgius quotes aside, this build looks unique and really fun if played right. I’m not 100% on its effectiveness since I’ve never seen a BK with that build before but if it works for you than that’s just all the more reason to utilize it.

Yeah I know. Is a little strange to build him like this, but I was curious about the strengh those anti armor weapon have and I choose to invest on them. Here is an example, i don’t have image of BK kill someone for now, so I will use Greil instead, who work in a similar way.

Oof that is some damage. V!Ike is a tough target too.