Anastasia boss fight

Don’t have any gold riders, don’t have any leveled riders.

How to deal with Anastasia, given that I have 3 CS and could use those to resurrect the party once?

Is there a way to do Ozymandias solo? His NP applies NP seal, so probably could do something like charge his NP, delete first break bar, then swap him for taunter, let Anastasia kill the party members, then kill her with Ozy?

I think the tree will not be a problem, so I can use CS on Anastasia, because I have max level assassin, and Ivan fight was pretty easy with two assassins (I don’t know is the tree could be charmed though).

I haven’t tried to solo those battles so I can’t say if that works or not.
But judging by the video I linked you could use an Evade as she does not appear to use her Ignore Invul/arts buff at the first break bar.
In my experience the evade will be useless for the second NP anyway.

Regardless, when I’m out of options on JP I usually check up on how Honako solved it.
There should be some Kintoki riders in your friends list so you can try to imitate his method.

She indeed using Invul Pierce on her first break bar NP. At least she used that for all three times I tried.

Finished the boss fight with support Ozymandias (NP1 with normal Kaleido), used 1 CS to heal him. He survived the NP with defense buff from Astraea + Imperial Privilege. Probably could be done without CS.

That was interesting. I thought the breakbar effect would make it the first action.
Glad to hear that you cleared it.

Btw you mentioned Agartha in the other thread, do you want me to replace someone with Abby or are you going to wrap up the Lost belts before you go to Arc 1.5?

Try using Ryoma and RiderToki?

I cleared most of Agartha, but stuck in Columbus+Megalos second fight.

Megalos dealing just too much damage, has crits and AoE hits.

Best I got is Megalos 100k hp on last hp bar (two break bars was broken), so I think I will wait for CS to replenish. Or is there a way to complete the fight with support servant? I tried Hokusai support, is Abby better in this fight?

I think I will not do second lostbelt for now, and hope the Nerofest will not require it (last one required Fuyuki). Though the Halloween and Christmas could require Lostbelts, but I hope I will get enough XP and skill gems to level up servants. Because second lostbelt features support locked fights, and I doubt I can do it now.

Agartha can be entirely solo’d by friend servants, including Megalos+Herc fight.

i saw someone solo her with maid alter, and had the mage association mystic code. can’t find the video, but here’s a melt solo.

Sorry about the delay. Had to run to the buss so I couldn’t reply.

What I planned on saying was that Enkidu can solo it and that GP’s boss guide has a video that you could imitate.
It is probably part of @L11’s video.

As for Hokusai, in this case I think Abby is better as she has better crowd control skills and an ST NP that removes buffs.
The only problem is that she needs some support to compensate for her very low NP gain. Well she can work pretty good as a crit damage dealer so Hans would be a nice companion.

I don’t think the Nerofest type event would require you to complete up to LB4 so it could be safe.
Still the ongoing events wellfare servant is pretty nice so you might want to get her while you can.

Completed Agartha, was easier than I though, but required some RNG.

Kama+Skadi+taunters for Megalos fight.

Summer Carmilla (support NP5) for Schez (she has insane heal + control).

Support Achilles solo for first demon pillar.

Support Jalter for second demon pillar.

Support Kiara solo for last demon pillar (used 1CS to heal).

Now I really hope the LB4 will not be required for this year’s Halloween and Christmas (new ones).