Anastasia General Discussion

Big Arts farmer, yada yada, good solid Caster, etc. etc. Happy Spook on JP, do recommend, etc. etc.

We’re in crunch, Tier Explanations to follow later.

I have an hour to write Avicebron from scratch after porting Nyalter. Goodie!</s.


Let see here…

White hair :white_check_mark:
Cyclop hair style :white_check_mark:
Icy exterior but warms up after you get to know her :white_check_mark:
Sad backstory :white_check_mark:

10/10 Will look at arts on pixiv again


I’m just glad she’s permanent, I love pretty much everything about her. Sad her next solo banner after this is so far away though…


I was going to pass, but the 50% battery is a real selling point when the only big battery AoE Caster you own is Nitocris.

I’m also a huge fan of Servants who can clear a wave while offering party utility (e.g. Ana here, Eresh, Helena, CasGil). Flexible team building options are always welcome.


Hey guys, what’s with the maintenance today?

Lostbelt 1: Permafrost Empire, Anastasia is dropping right after.

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Thanks. Literally just saw the guide lol

Well then, let’s start NTR’ing those darn crypter for revenge.


I wonder who invented “Tsarina” term (not in the writeup, in English language in general) since there is no such word of the same meaning in Russian. The wife of Tsar is Traritsa, and the daughter of Tsar is Tsarevna.

I have way too many casters already so it’s easy to skip her but i still hope she’ll spook me one day

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Basically lol

Sizzle, do you have an NP looping guide in mind/in the works, especially with Skadi dropping soon? I believe Anastasia can refund 30% and triple NP in the right setup, no? (W1: SuperScope; W2: Refund30 + Waver50 + Waver20; W3: Refund20 + Waver30 + Ana50; bring a support Tamamo/Bride/Paracelsus)

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Once again another AOE Caster :catmad:

Her mechanics seem straightforward, but I couldn’t help but notice that it’s built in a way that Shvibzik has an incredibly good chance of being used for stall potential (provided you don’t spam it right away for the NP gauge).

Her first skill decreases debuff resist by 100% at max level,
Her third skill has a 60% stun chance at max level,
Fairy Contract A has a debuff chance rate increase of 10%…

Stall potential

I have used her to solo in JP

The skill seal + triple arts deck + atk debuff screams “CHARGE NP GAUGE” and she refunds nicely with an NPAA chain even against a single enemy.

You can easily NP with her every other turn and with her stun and the MC evade you don’t have to worry about NPs.


I’m already debating Grailing her someday.

Not because it actually makes a lot of sense; because I’ve decided on a Grand theme and am aiming to Grail one Servant each of the Extra and base Servant classes. All set for Extra with Amakusa, and I’ve started Semiramis for Assassin, so Saber, Lancer, and Caster still need candidates.

I can’t bring myself to Grail a pure support Caster, but Anastasia has enough going for her that I might not 100% regret it.

If you want to grail a caster, why not Sheba or Sieg?

I don’t care for Sheba that much. Sieg is okay and has very good refund, but his overall damage is even more potato than Anastasia’s.

Ana’s superior battery, solid refund, interesting Charisma variant, and invuln pierce make her a more appealing choice. Her character design being artistically appealing helps, too.

Too many things that ought to be fixed/done first before focusing on new content. Besides, we got a few months.


I think it’s from the German version of it, just like how you’ll sometimes see the term “Czar” thrown around instead of “Tsar”, or even “Tzar”

They’re related to the Caesar after all, so German “Kaiser” and whatnot. Probably a time when people transliterate instead of translate.

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And having been able to use her for a few hours now, she’s right where I’d expect her to be in terms of performance. She’s not maxed out yet (lvl 80 and lvl 8 skills) due to the mat requirement, but if paired with Tamamo for that 3T arts boost, Waver for extra charge, or Nero Bride for NP gain, she’s excellent - though of course she would be, those are all premier Arts supports.

She’s successfully cleared waves for me even at lvl 80 and NP1 against class advantaged enemies up to about 40-50k a pop, just using her own buff, and her refund is pretty nice. I don’t know how useful her stun would be during CQ - even with her passive and Skill 1, sometimes bosses just have ridiculous resistances to that type of thing. But I like her anyway.

An NP interlude would do her wonders just with the straight damage increase; let alone if they added an extra effect onto it.

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FYI Sizzle

Clicking on the kjhkj brings up a 404.

Also is anybody else in love with her animations?