Anastasia vs Sessyoin Kiara

Context, I wanted Atalanta alter, use 90sq, first multi and Anastasia come for some reason, second and third multi the mininum (4* ce and the rest 3* ce/3* servants), so no Atalanta alter for me.

So the problem is, I already have Sessyoin Kiara lvl 90, at NP2, skills 10/10/10.

Is worth to invest on Anastasia?

Anastasia has 50% np battery and a 60% chance stun for one enemy
Kiara has 50% np battery, -100% debuff resist and a -30% art resist for one enemy

Anastasia has a 20% atk up for all allies and -20% atk for all enemies
Kiara has a -30% defense down and reduce the np gauge by one for all enemies

Anastasia has a ignore invencibility, 50% arts buff, and -100% debuff resist for one enemy
Kiara has invencibility for one turn, crit damage buff, np gain, heal rate, debuff resist 50% buff

Anastasia Np is aoe arts, skill seal and defense down on overcharge for all enemies
Kiara Np is aoe arts, ignore invencibility, ignore enemies defense buffs, and heals herself

so who’s better? Shall I burn Anastasia? Leave her at lvl1? Or lvl up her and max her skills?

ps: RIP my dreams to get Atalanta Alter and Skadi

Lol! Don’t burn Anastasia. Although it may seem they do the same, Kiara is more selfish(I have her NP2) and Anastasia has more team synergy. If I get Anastasia, I will raise her, You can raise her slowly until lotto.


Don’t burn gold servants. RPs aren’t that valuable, and having multiple AoE casters just means easier Assassin node farming.


Also Kiara has a problem of damaging Knight classes mixed in. So normally, I bring in class advantage Caster AOE for pure assassin nodes or assassins mobs with Knight bosses for neutral damage. It just gives you more options.

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Lol why would you do this :joy:

Ana will outdamage Kiara even at NP2 thanks to real class advantage + better steroids.

Alter Egos only get a 1.5x effectiveness modifier and real class advantage is a 2x modifier.

Plus Ana has 50% Arts up and 20% attack up. Kiara just has her 30% def down (which can miss) and her 30% arts down vs. a single target.

Plus, there are 3 waves in a farming node and Kiara can NP twice at best, so…obviously you need somebody to clear the remaining wave or two.


GOD NO. :fgo_badciv:


First off, I feel your pain for not being able to summon best lioness ever.

Second, I strongly discourage burning 4 and 5 star servant. The only good reasons to burn one is for hate of the character (I burned Orion because I hate them so much). Never burn because “he seam similar to that other servant”

First off, eventually, one the next wave of pottery arrive, you will have more exp card then servant you can rise.

Second, even if they seem similar, they still differ

For this exemple, Ana is better for looping (I think… I don’t know… I never saw a kiara looping), she still do more damage on assassin (x2 instead of kiara 1.5), she does not half damage on knight servant (mixed node).
That’s just at first sight.


The question is is there something like a mystic code you really want now and not to wait for reruns of events where you got welfare servants? If yes, then do you feel that sacrificing what’s basically Kiara but better against Assassins is worth it? Also we have no idea if a character gets a strengthening(look at King Hassaan in JP). Also, a redundant supportive kit isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since, if you like the effects, you can double up your DPS servant. That or Kiara and Ana can slap Assassins together.

On the topic of how good she is. I don’t have her, but I have Kiara. I think they’re neck and neck now because they have tradeoffs to their kits (Kiara being a better arts offensive support, Anastasia being a better general offensive support). This kind of makes it amusing that the tier list puts Ana at 3 and Kiara at 2 despite being similar units, the biggest difference being class. She’ll be outright better after the second strengthening.

It’s also noteworthy to not oversell her general utility. What she nearly interchangeable to what CasGil offers non-arts teams. He has 41% boosts to party attack and 20% defense with max skills and NP effects at the exact same rate as Ana. His debuff success is more versatile than the debuff resist down that Ana has (lets you do debuffs to any number of targets instead of just one and allows for chain stunning/charm/drain). Ana has skill seal and a stun, Gil has star generation buffs for the party. Rip if you compare the 2 in arts teams(this is why he’s justified in tier 2).

Shuten can outperform her in general attack buffs/(def) debuffs for 3 turns, but falls off thanks to a 7 turn cooldown for her first skill, and has a lot of other minor debuffs while doing some star gen and having a survive-ability skill unlike Ana.

I think Ana might shine the most alongside servants with hard to land debuffs that aren’t arts NP servants like Lu Bu, Shakespeare, Kintoki ect. At least her stun has a 70% chance to land with her passive.

TL:DR for the last half, Kiara(in her current state) deserves the tier 3 as does Shuten(arguably), or Ana deserves tier 4.

Kiara’s class definitely works against her in a number of situations, where Nastya’s broader neutral damage capability, superior base NP refund, and increased ease of building Arts chains will make her the better option.

Having both is great since they are useful for different setups. I would agree that T4 is too harsh on current state Kiara given her whopping battery, broad anti-Cavalry usefulness, and niche anti-Ruler x1.5 advantage.

However, Anastasia is a stronger general-purpose Arts AoE Servant. Comparison to CasGil doesn’t work very well; she carries a huge battery, has 2kish base ATK on him, and refunds much better. Comparing Nastya to Shuten isn’t very helpful, because they overlap only in the most superficial of ways. Shuten’s ranking is pretty well deserved: no battery, no appreciable refund, low debuff values.

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Kiara’s class advantage application is second only to Rulers. Since both Ana and Kiara have offensive applications to their deck for being secondary attackers, Kiara is far better supporting art teams against Calvary enemies(not including Assassins), and Ana is far better against Knights. It’s a tradeoff that’s more in Kiara’s favor. Against an Foreinger, she’s great. Pit either against an Avenger and beast, and Kiara’s superior attack stat and 1.0x damage modifier as opposed to the 9.0 on Casters. The damage sacrifice is far less.

While your NP refund and slightly easier arts chain argument is relevant and something I didn’t consider, there’s more to Kiara’s advantages I didn’t list. She can easily NP twice in a row with her third skill if you’re going for DPS over defense (and if the lack of invul is a problem for her its worse for Ana, whom has no hard defense and doesn’t have the option). Kiara’s heal is notable, especially with its abusability with black grail(less relevant for 3T farming, but great for harder nodes) and her damage reduction against humanoids.

She has AOE stalling potential that’s not reliant on her debuff resist down unlike Ana, whom has a stronger effect (stun), but only on one target, and a 70% success rate on its own, meaning her stall potential is far worse in a multiple boss scenario. They have the same cooldown as well, and the advantage of NP drain is that, after stalling the first NP wave, should you survive it(which Kiara can do), it can actually be used to stall the second one, unlike stun, which would have to be used just before the NP.

The script flips when it comes to their def/attack debuffs/buffs. 40% is better party wide is better than 30% party wide (and more frequent for Ana), but using Kiara’s 1st skill alongside other arts attacks results in a 1-turn application of 69% extra damage against a boss, and 30% extra arts NP refund. This + the previous paragraph is actually why I consider Kiara to be the better when it comes to arts teams specifically.

CasGil is the inferior farmer, yes, but that’s why I was talking in the context of general support. I have to ask how the comparison of Shuten and Ana is superficial? Both focus on enabling the entire party to deal extra damage to anyone (hence why individuals are considering Ana to be a generic support) Shuten is better at this when her 1st skill is up in combination with her 2nd skill and NP. Ana is better in the 2 turn gap between the 2. Both have AOE skill seal. Both debuff attack (Ana does so better at 20% as opposed to 10%). Both have stun/charm potential. Ana is single target, and 10% more chance provided she’s not using her 1st skill for herself, and Shuten has equal chance on an entire enemy party if she waits until after her NP.

What Shuten has that Ana doesn’t that’s relevant (lol NP damage down) is crit chance down, which, even at such a low value, is relevant. Most enemies are 10-20% crit chance. 10% debuff resist down for 3 turns can help seal the deal for servant with an already high-chance debuff. What Ana has is a single-target debuff resist down that lasts for 1 turn, but guarantees debuffs effectively+givers her ignore invincible, and she has a battery. There’s a lot more overlap than you think.

You can point out the arts chains and the battery, but then I can point out that Shuten does a lot more damage despite Assasins and Casters both having .9x damage. Seriously, Shuten at NP1 outperforms Ana at NP2. The battery isn’t the end all be all. Ana is the type that can independently 1-turn NP with a 50% charge. The flip side is that she’s the type that might be good against a mid-wave. Shuten’s the type you’d put on the front line with Kaleidascope with NP charging support, but she’d make sure even tougher non-boss Riders are dead.

Your points are well-considered, but I’ll try to be brief.

Anastasia is a 5* AoE Arts DPS who happens to offer some team utility. CasGil is a 4* Arts support who happens to offer some wave clear. They simply don’t occupy the same role despite their similarities.

Shuten’s lack of battery and NP refund truly do hurt her. Her ATK is high for her class, but that’s not very relevant when she’s particularly good neither at boss-killing nor at AoE setups. She looks sparkly when you check all the boxes around her various debuffs, but in practice they’re rarely impactful because the values are simply too low to matter outside of highly specific applications.

(Side note about crit chance down: it can be helpful at times, but those times are mostly limited to CQs and general stall teams, and you don’t take Shuten to either of those unless you love her or don’t have better options.)

Kiara’s class advantage vs. Foreigners matters almost never, and fights with Avenger enemies tend to be at least mid-boss tier and beyond convenient AoEing by either Kiara or Nastya barring certain Black Grail shenanigans. Kiara’s base damage is higher, but we’re not usually depending on either of these two to hit a terribly high damage ceiling in order to function.

You’re also downplaying how crippling it can be to have an entire class triangle resist her damage. So many event nodes where she’d be great, then you notice a moderately chunky Knight and might have to re-evaluate.

I’ve had a long time to play with Kiara, and she has her advantages, but she’s got her own sandbox to play in. If we’re talking mixed Cavalry node, it’s time to party.