Anastasia Walkthrough Comments & Feedback Thread

Good (very early) Morning

Alright, so I’m still editing, but I expect to be at the end before you guys get a chance to reach that point even if you skip all story.

The Boss Guides are not yet transferred, but I want to finish the text portion first. I’ll work on that 2nd. Let me know if I made some typos/errors - or forgot something.

Have fun saving A world in this Lostbelt :fgo_buster:


the new monster information for St. 8-B shows archer class instead of assassin. this might confuse player into using lancer servant rather than caster/berserker. i almost use lancer servant
New Monster Information

10/10* :fgo_insane:

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Whoops, stuff like that are exactly why this thread exists! Thank you!

:fgo_jeannu: There is always that 1 Sizzle.


I’m up for it there isn’t any bond restrictions to endure so I’ll take the challenges that I can find.


Walkthrough is all sorted, working on boss guides now.


stumble upon something… :fgo_coffee:

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Maybe that one Sizzle needs needles more than wine…

Thanks for the quick work on the guide despite the sudden release.

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This is slightly off topic but shouldn’t there be a mention of the animation updates?

Haven’t done much more than give it a quick look but I liked the way that you guide people towards hardship.
When my AP has recharged I’ll pick that path but I’m more interested in seeing how hard I can hit it.
It is beefy enough that it can serve as a benchmark for certain raids.

The animation updates are mentioned in the main Lostbelt 1 page

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Sorry about that.
Not sure how I missed that page, I should have figured there would be that main bundle.
Gamepress always posts those.


“Make sure to counter the Assassins in this node to speed things up.”

What do you mean by this in St. 12-1. Do you mean to say that targeting them first as they come up is the best choice? Your wording is just a mite vague.

I think it’s more so just to say that things go faster with class advantage.

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Ah, thank you.

Mmm… Anastasia singularity sure is easy. Did not expect that.

I mean, I am at Chapter 13 and clearing all with a Team focused on Chaldea Lunchtime to get Bond points…not even serious gameplay CE.

Or in other words, i’m clearing the content using only

Merlin - Shinsegumi daaaa! - Best CEO

At this point, i expect later a sudden huge increase of difficulty

LB3 is what I hear most often described as a surge of difficulty (also LB5), with LB1 getting you acclimated to a changing pace. I’ve actually heard LB1 not described as overly difficult, if not also easier than some Singularities prior (such as EoR 3).

Also, Merlin’s self-sufficient engine can carry even a trash DPS, so that’s not particularly surprising. I’ve been using him for the trash nodes.


Genuinely curious about where you heard this/ got this impression from. LB 5.1 is a joke difficulty wise. I’d even go as far to say that Atlantis is the easiest LB you’ll ecounter in part 2.

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Uh. Whoof, typo. I honestly meant to type LB4 there.

Of course, that may well also be off, since I’d also explicitly describe it as hearsay on my part too (I try not to spoil myself overmuch), though I did mean LB4.

I’ll definitely note that for the future, thanks!

Iirc LB4 isn’t bad except for like 2 boss fights.

LB1 is really only bad in the final chapter.


typo: on 18-1, the walkthrough says “bring AoE anti caster servants” when it should be AoE casters because assassins. no big deal since everyone should know to bring casters against assassins, but just for accuracy

Sizzle, another boss guide typo

Jack has buff removal, not debuff emoval.