And all I wanted was Melee Bouquet+ for a Marisa Build

Bonus Doubler fodder, and Exalt Chrom AND ODIN’S 8TH MERGE!? (I’m making sure I at least have 200 orbs for Sothis at the end of this month)

YIKES and Yippee!!


Be cool and fodder for infantry breath boneless doubles for the weak who will get panicked into oblivion


Oh, that too :3
I’m just not sure who to give Infantry breath to (also, I love that Doga profile pic)

Thank, and I personally gave it to a healer to pair with an omnitank. I put on an azama for my bros brave ike, and its whack

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I see, a fellow Marisa lover :grin: Guard Sword is too good on her imo, that or Petal Parasol