And my 2nd Green +10 is finally done

Well… besides the Dragon Flowers… but I finally have another Green +10 unit



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Give me those merges!




I need 2 more :feh_elisad: Libra won’t leave me alone


I also got new fodder for her too

Sorry @SupaAnimegal… but I hope you get him at some point


I changed my name to OwainComeHóm, if it makes you feel better.

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Also. When I do get more orbs, and I continue for Idunn (I’ll be buying a bunch either next week or this Friday, or both), I’ll take extreme measures…

I’ll draw a pentagram and offer:

  • The phone that has the alt account that has Owain
  • my Owain coat
  • a 3DS
  • some blood of mine (a tiny drop)
  • an Odin plus I made
  • a knife for him to name.

I’ll record the video of me doing this. The only way to REALLY summon him, is for me to take extreme measures. Sadly, I have no tea lights or small candles to put on each point of the pentagram, but… This HAS to work!


Ummm. GVader is you, halo is here



Anyways the echidna looks great

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I think egervari might be on that, too.

Also, grats on the +10, Vader. :3
She looks neat.
I might be getting my head a little too high if I’m wanting 5★ exc Axes to be my first +10s, like CAlm and Bike, but meh. One can dream. Heh

I was just more or less in desperate need of another Green +10 unit… I mean 3 (almost 4) Red’s, 3 (almost 5) Blue’s, and 5 Colorless… and now only 2 Green’s


Gurl just save he’ll come back,this ritual or anything doesn’t get more luck trust me

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The only ritual that does work… is called a empting your bank account… and even that isn’t guaranteed to work

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Me without one

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image image


Wowee :feh_nowiwow:
You made that much now? Goodness. That’s awesome! You even had Bernie and Selkie. :feh_faewow:
I won’t ask how you did it, but that’s cool. I want some of that soon. :3

Wait, what. Did I miss something? D:



Egervari left GP

Made a thread a couple weeks back. Sticking to her personality just said ‘leaving’ and left. Thread got super derailed but she wasn’t there to see it


My Echidna needs one more merge! I’m happy you got her +10ed!

Do you use her in AR or Arena or both? Is that the main build you run?

IF IS ever has the balls to put him back.
(Don’t worry, I won’t do the ritual. It was just a joke)