And now... I can breathe out

This whole week feels like I’ve been holding my breath, and now that’s it’s finally done, I can relax and submit my final report:

Last week I hit 20 hours of overtime at work so my wallet was getting a little heavy. And with such amazing new units coming out… Why not give it a whirl?

So it all started by getting the goat to +10. I couldn’t pass up the chance to get a colorless unit who gets +9 to all stats natively before any other skills. I didn’t pay attention at the time, but she also happened to be my 100th +10. Si… Numero 100.

Then I found out how much of an absolute monster she is in arena. She, and I’m not exaggerating, single handedly outlasted and murderlized every arena team she went up against. RS Byleth, LynJa, Dimitri, Spd Chrom, freaking Dedelgard, DuoLif, Leif, Corrin, LGurd, all of whom stood no chance against her.

I decided to take her to arena assault and start off fighting 762 teams. One blazingly easy run later I hit a damn good AA score of 5356, just shy of the top 100 this week.

Then she got me thinking… How easy COULD it really be? I optimized my team and started rolling crests. 40 rounds of sniping later, I hit the max arena score for water season of 3880 and hit rank 1 in the world in arena.

And this also will happen to be the 52nd crown I received. One year of T21 (not consecutively, but damn close to it.) Quite a milestone and quite a coincidence.

So how do I make it any better? +10 the first ever cav dragon? Hell yeah. She’s amazing, super strong, and my new spirit animal (her cold demeanor and desire for everything to be quiet speaks to my soul.)

And on top of that Mjolnirs strike comes back today and reminds me that I finally have 4 dark mythics at +10, so again for the first time I hit Numero Uno on the leaderboards (if only this week had been awakening and sacred stones in resonant, then I would’ve hit #1 3 times.)

And on top of that I’m in the top tier for AR and RB too so, just icing on the cake.

So… Sufficed to say I’m tired, and I must now return to my slumber. And as I hibernate, please regale each other as to how your weeks have been and I will listen to your chatterings turn to whispers as I am lulled into a comatose state… With a smile


Everything in this post screams “I spend big bucks on this game and I’m proud of it”

+10 Nifl, +10 seasonal, multiple +10 Mythics… Yeah, that’s a lot of Orbs.

Well, I guess if placing at the very top of the rankings makes you feel good and it’s within your monetary means, by all means go ahead and spend. It’s not my money after all.

Doesn’t excuse this game and every gacha’s BS predatory tactics, though


ahh yes, the never-ending battle… :feh_sigurdfacepalm:




That’s definitively another world


Well, you made a post in a public forum bragging about your whaling… It’s only natural it’s going to grab some attention, and not all of it positive, especially considering the type of game FEH is. Can you blame me for thinking that your post comes off as a little condescending?

I was actually trying really hard to not come off too passive aggressive, too, but it obviously didn’t pan out. I am genuinely fine with you using your cash how you want, even if, at the same time, I am disgusted that gacha and lootbox economies allow this to happen in the first place (that’s on the companies, though, not you)


I mean if you ask me, saying something not nice and calling someone out are two different things.


Guy on the left should be wearing these tbh



Haha those are cool :whale:


Me, who sees a bunch of whale stuff:


Im prob just gunna drop to t18. Not because i dont have a really sexy arena scoring team with the three best units in the game. But rather because i cannot be assed to snipe lol… And occasionally i forget to play

As for ar. I play in a bare minumum BaAbaaay


Look, reading tone in text is a skill no one really has. I had no intention of being condescending, and you had no intention of being snide. Let’s agree that we both misred each other.

That being said, I’m still annoyed that spending money on this game is viewed so negatively by so many people here. I’ve seen and been the target of criticism and heavy sarcasm for that very thing numerous times, and have not once seen the same criticism or ssrcasm towards F2P players.

That may seem an odd comparison or complaint to make, but just as you said, it’s my money to do with what I will, just as others make the decision not to spend anything on this game.

I’ve been playing this game for almost 4 years now and this is the first time I scored this high. It’s a personal achievement for me, and no one but me knows the series of events that led me here. I find it strange that anyone could infer anything about how I play, when, and what my decisions were that led to today, so I hope you forgive me for sounding the way I do. But when I hit a milestone like this and am instantly greeted with comments the way I was, you can understand why I’d get upset.


Congrats mate


Danke, Fraulein. sehr geschätzt.




Well, on the topic of misreading stuff, I just wanna make it clear that my “Whale whale whale” meme wasn’t directed at you. I saw someone post Whale shoes and then saw other whales things. I was more joking about the literal animal not the title some gamers get. Hell, I’m a dolphin more or less so It’s not like I really can “complain” about P2W stuff which I never really saw the point in honestly; it’s a hassle if you ask me.

And I forgot to do something! Congrats on making it so high on the Arena! I know you used other units and not just Freyja but Goat Supremacy!


Well thank you. If I could find a picture of a whale with glasses and a mustache I’d post that because I’m more of a discerning whale. I like dragons and beasts, and not much else. I’ll splurge for a great dragon or beast (DuoMyrrh, Freyja, Nifl) but I actively avoid what units I can instantly see as cancerous (LynJa, Dedel, L!Gurd, DuoLif, L!Claude, etc.)


I definitely understand that. I also wish we had more beasts in the game honestly. That reminds me when I completed my all Armor Dragon team (I’m a fan of Armor units cause I don’t care about Mov tbh). But, literally at the same time, dragons slayers were being released like L!Julia and Thrasir. So… yeah, that fell apart quickly


Nice job on reaching those ranks, especially if it was the 1st time!
as far as any negativity from this post…