And she improves even further

Yep I did indeed got a other merge for Nino, the skills I got was more than worth it compared to ivs. Cause there was no way I could kill for Madness Flask, L’Arachel is too precious to kill.

And I think I’ll run this build overall.

Only 2 more merges left to get.


I’m jealous, but it’s beautiful :feh_angrynino:

Well done.


In what modes i can use a forma soul?
Im considering buying one, i have a flying nino, but if i can have a +10 why not.

It’s basically like every unit
The only difference is you can’t fodder it

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Im ok with that, now i need to check if i have enough.
Turns out it comes with a pack and its to expensive for me, i could get a full switch game for that money.

Merges don’t come with the Forma I’m afraid, you get them at +0.

They’re great if you’re interested in building a unit for getting a lot of rare fodder quickly.

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Thanks, I know to not buy one, its too expensive for me and if its not +10 then why bother.

You also can’t merge her into another copy, she has to be merged into. So she’ll always be neutral IVs.

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