And yet another ban wave on the JP server. 43 accounts suspended due to RTM violations There’s seems to be another ban wave on JP. I wonder why there aren’t those ban waves on NA. Maybe DW simply doesn’t care?

At least not as severe as Arknights and Honkai Impact 3… CN based game really harsh on RMT


Must be shameful being the lonely Captain (HI3) who got the banhammer this/last week

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Lonely Captain? HI3?

43 accounts is absolutely nothing. Most likely means that 43 people were exceptionally flagrant in violating the RMT policies.

I’m never going to want to buy or sell an account, but the people who do and don’t try to make an online business out of it probably have nothing to be worried about. Bigger fish to fry and all that.

Last/this week only one Captain(player) was banned on HI3 (Honkai Impact 3rd) from using cheats

That’s huge improvement. I had to drop HI3 due to storage issue. Last login was Mid Jan and around 100++ got ban-hammer

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Been playing HI3 for 2 years and I have never seen anyone get banned. Different servers perhaps?

Yeah, honestly, they probably just don’t care. People often underestimate just how little Japanese companies think about the NA market. It’s actually cost them some serious money over the years.

American server here o/

I started with 3.7 and I remember there was a 50+ ban wave with it

I’m ignorant, what is RMT?

Real Money Trading, basically people would buy SQ then refund it. FGO let you keep the SQ even if you refunded so people started abusing this and do mass purchases then immediately refund them, which is a big no no.

There’re also people who live in a region with cheaper prices offering services where they’ll load up a person account with SQ for cheaper prices for a fee (which is illegal) and then refunding all the money they’d used to load up said account with SQ and pocketed it. Most of the time the original account holder won’t know about this.


Thats messed up

RMT is account buying/selling. Refund trick is its own thing entirely.

Please note that we may not be able to respond to accounts where these prohibited activities have been performed, even if you contact the Support Center.

More like DW deliberately won’t respond