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Hey people,

I’m after an Android phone/tablet and was looking for any suggestions on which devices offer the best game experience (on top of being great for regular phone/tablet usage). In regards to tablets specifically, the recent Samsung models (S7/S7+) in particular have caught my eye, so if anyone has run the game on them before, and/or has other recommendations, please enlighten me.

Thanks in advance.

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Samsung S7 has been my phone for a few years now and I love it. I don’t actually have fgo on my phone (too many pictures :grin:) but it runs well on the much older Samsung s4 mini so I assume fgo would run even better on the s7. My primary fgo device is actually the Samsung tab a tablet. Works well enough, but I would recommend something with more than 2gb of ram as fgo will freeze up every couple days.


I play FGO on Samsung galaxy A70 phone for the past few years and am quite happy with the phone. Very quick loading times, smooth and quick animations and so on. Picked this phone out specifically to match FGO’s specs and after doubting between A50’s stronger processor and A70’s bigger Ram, went for more Ram. Was not disappointed.
Basically, you’re looking for a phone/tablet with 4+ GB Ram and a multi-core 2+ Gz processor for a smooth experience (the more the better, obviously). If it has 1-2 GB of dedicated video memory as well, even better.

…Or, as some might say, “Just play on PC emulator for best specs”, but meh.


I have a Galaxy Tab S7+ that I run my F2P account on. I run my main on my phone.

I’m very happy with it (it’s not only for FGO) and I ran like 150 boxes for the Christmas lottery on it so FGA worked great. I turned the brightness all the way down and the screen was almost completely black so I wouldn’t have to worry about burn-in while I slept.

I’d definitely recommend it if you want a solid tablet for the next few years.

If you intend to use it as an actual tablet, I’d also recommend the official keyboard cover.

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Recently tried moving my game back to my phone (Asus Zenfone Max Plus something, 8 cores@1.5Ghz with 4GB RAM) and I quickly changed my mind. Boy was it laggy compared to the android emulator I run on my Comput-O-Matic!
Don’t know what kind of specs you need for a very smooth experience on phone/tablet but apparently this is still not enough and I haven’t even tried to run FGA on top. (That model is slowly ageing I guess but still ouch)

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I finally got my hands on and Galaxy S10, at the beginning of this year and it’s been doing great with FGO :3

If you have the spare money, S10 is great, but if not, then Galaxy S7 or S8 should also do good

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