Angry goku Chance?

My friend and I have rerolled to try to get lf goku from ssj4 step up banner, I mostly did it because I wanted to see if I was lucky but I didn’t get him a single time even though I made about 20 accounts no joke… My friend made about 45 accounts actually though and we didn’t pull him a single time, we both got super vegito, baby, ssj4 goku and vegeta… literally everything but lf goku… I’m wondering if he is bugged

It is possible. In the Step Up Summon he just comes with a propability of 0,25%. If I calculate right you need about 40 tries to get him in theory. (Well i got him first try xD)

I guess my luck is back. I accidentally pulled him on the android 21 banner for 700 chrono crystals.

I got him in my first ticket summon, and after I got him, my luck turned to shit