Anime NYC Panel (Nov 19)

I’m assuming this is for Hein-Kyo and maybe even Thanksgiving.

Regardless, GET READY! :fgo_emiyashades:

Live Stream:


I got 0 SQ so I wanna know how many SQ Seiba will give me. :fgo_sqpat:


Remember that Ibuki’s Banner comes second in this event. So whatever date they specify for it, her banner is one week later than that.

It’s going to be excruciating.

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You know the rules, if 2-san shows up, great news would follows

Hopefully more QoL updates


I was gonna go specifically for this but tickets were sold out :skull:

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I want to confirm something: when the event arrives that features Douman and Ibuki (I can’t remember its name right now; it has, like, three names, and I don’t know what is its official one), isn’t it permanent?

As in, it’s treated like one of the Epic of Remnant Psueudo-singularities, and you can clear it even after the official event period with the banners is over.

Is this correct?

Yup, that’s correct. You can play it any time after completing Olympus.


Heian Kyo, and it’s part of the main story rather than an event.


Right. I knew that. I can see that tiny little dot between the Banners for LB 5 and 6 on the main menu, and I know what that is.

Huh, how long has that been there?

Ever since I cleared LB-5-2. As soon as the greyed out LB-6 Banner appeared, that dot was there beneath it.


Like a time bomb.

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I couldn’t see this anywhere but with the advanced quest 10 coming out they released new mat CEs:

Great Knight Medal

Dragon's Reverse Scale

Proof of Hero

I have to admit, I like Arash’s grave the medal one.


Get Ready!

Fate/Grand Order Official USA Website (


Kintoki is good bait for people who don’t have him or who want to increase his NP level, but he’ll be back yet again next fall.

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He is now even better bait with the 90++ nodes coming to JP.

An NP2 toki with BG can deal massives amount of dammage with oberon and vitch.

He can easily break 1 million even with a non MLB BG.


Very big caveat that only a single 90++ has been 1/1/1 so far and in every other there isn’t space for 3 supports for him.

Like you could make him nuke the Guda one with sleep forever nutton but if you don’t draw a Buster card same turn you’ve got a 2nd giant mob up. Halloween? At best 1 Koyan/1 Oberon and Pretender Eli or Morgan, with him needing to score 300k without burning his atk up turn 1.

I kid you not the ‘should you roll?’ page for Morgan on appmedia currently says for 90++ go big (NP5 and super investment) or consider them as only certainly useful for 90+. And that page was mentioning the value of rolling an NP1 Kintoki in this assessment.

NP2 is good at 5CE 90++. You might need more if you’re not grailing etc, will depend on how things pan out. Is NP2 a good investment? If you don’t have Uncle Vlad (or want Galatea/Kriemhildr) then yes. Is it a win all 90++ button? We don’t know yet but it sounds like you need more investment if intending to use him for every 1/x/1 or similar 90++.

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Appmedia basically says either to go 120 NP5 2k with Kintoki if you love him, but otherwise not to worry too much since using Order Change isn’t a big deal.

He’s useful in a variety of situations, but there’s no real benefit to going crazy with him unless he’s a favorite.

Almost Time!


Ya, like 3 days left…

So do we have anyone going there tough enough to ask them questions?

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5.5 immediately after panel then?

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