Anne and Mary with Skadi

Since Anne and Mary (rider) are rarely talked about I was wondering how they fare with the double skadi system. Like as it is, they have one of the strongest noble phantasms in the game so I was wondering what kind of stupid numbers they produce with double skadi. I’m just curious because I’ve wanted a copy of them for a long time but can never get one due to them never having a rate-up.

Producing stupid numbers is rarely the problem; it’s about the sustained performance, which is why Buster took something of a hit in popularity with the advent of Skadi-enabled Quick refunders.

Anne and Mary don’t totally lack for refund, but it’s not that great. They also lack steroids for their NP aside from its inherent missing HP gimmick. Further, their NP gain is overall not so good because of low hit counts. Their Arts is average, and everything else is bad.

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I mean, they already hit hard, i think that supporting them with a Skadi and a Nero Caster will be pretty effective

More Damage is nice and Skadi’s battery allows them to use black grail reliably, which is a big bonus.

The issue is that outside of more damage, Skadi doesn’t really benefit their playstyle of Less Health = More Damage. They still need a reliable way to get to low health (ideally 1) and that doesn’t come until Chen Gong gets introduced next year but even he doesn’t fix that because they don’t have Guts on their kit.

I agree with the above. I suggest playing around with GP’s Command Chain Calculator, and possibly also the NP Calculator, to get some hard numbers and see if they’re to your liking.