Annihilation 4 struggling

Hoi guys, how are you doing? i have a bit of a problem
The thing is, i can’t beat annihilation 4 and i want to get the expand of the weekly orundum that it gives

I can only survive to 300 with my team

i use specter, lappland, exusiai, mostima, perfumer, texas, zima, bison, cuora, red, amiya and myrrh

and all of them are in E1, being specter, lappland and red the ones about being promoted

what should i do?



It’s hard to give advice for e1’s,

but Ifrit’s s2 is an excellent debuff to help your Ops do enough damage to survive later on.

If you are able to borrow one from friend support, you need to take down one of the supply crates for her and put her facing down from the very top lane.

If no one else can give you a solution, I’ll play around with an e1 team + Ifrit after things reset tomorrow and see what I can come up with for you.

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i will search for someone with ifrit and promote my specter to do that, thanks in advance bro

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Hm… being E1s make this a lot harder.

If you don’t mind, could you share some screenshots of your other ops in case there’s someone there that may help?

And also a screenshot of where you deploy your ops would help.

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annihilation 4

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it will take the second screenshot since i have proved 2 combos but sure

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yeah that one


this are my operators


i used this position the first time with my operators but i didn’t work that well, so i switched to this one

with this one i was able to beat my record of 250 but the thing is, without ifrit this doesn’t work that well


It’s a bit of a stretch but something like this might work for you.

Use a friend’s Surtr in place of Mousse and break the bottom two mushrooms to place Mostima, like in Kyo’s strategy. Cuora replaces Dur-nar. Make sure to place Surtr after Mostima so she can bait damage. You can probably do this by placing Texas first, and then retreating her after Mostima is deployed. Hopefully, Mostima can do Dur-nar’s job, and if not you still have four more operators to use as panic buttons.


i will try, thanks a lot

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My annihilation is very close to the first video.
bonuses coming from the drones are very important and i used Blue poison and Exusiai to get them all.
Sp module to allow your operators to unleash theirs skills more often.
Mines to stun hard opponent like Bladehelm or the “withered knight”.

But i think one of the big problem come from the bottom because enemies are not slowed and can over-flank your defender if not killed fast enough.
Maybe you can use an sp module on Mostima at bottom if not done and perhaps on Lappland S2 too or Amyia.
If you don’t have an E2 operator you can’t use E2 operators third Skill from friend.(The reason why Ifrit or Eija are best for you for now).
And i think the “withered knight” (archer able to hit 3 operators will be a pain for you at the bottom.( because you will kill the “Corrupted knight” before him)

The placement on the second video is very offensive, Eija, Thorns and Ifrit are the main damage dealer.(Maybe you lack firepower)

Lappland instead of Thorns?
Gitano S2 maybe with an sp module in the place of Eija?

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i don’t use hitano since i got mostima so that really is going to be a pain, i will try to make some strategy based on what you told me


Focus, yet keep your mind open.
Split the need,
Top lane
Bot lane

Top, easy start, mid to heavy end, long run
Focus on here, keep in mind with changes along the way

Bot, heavy but short phased
Once you get a hold of this, just leave it be

Boss? What is that? Just Surtr’d it.
You can’t Surtr’d it? You better doing some experiment on stalling strategy, or hit and run

I would suggest you to upgrade your low rarity (4and 3) for long term, since E2-ing 6 is harder and expensive. Don’t worry about investing in low rarities. Since from what i’ve seen in your roster, the 6 that is really useful for beginner is exu from gameplay perspectives though. Specter and Lappland is already a good guard to start with. Also try to spread your mats wisely since resources in this game is pretty limited (because you’ll always ended up not having any LMD and exp card, just not enough).

Remember this is just my suggestion from gameplay perspective.

But, if you really want a slow pace, that’s okay, but it’s going to take a long time to reach that point where you can auto 4th annihilation or the other annihilations. But 4th annihilation isn’t coming back though for a long time.

i’m E2 my mostima so i can surtr it

since i don’t know a fast way to get both lmd and exp.
I just focus on thing, first was the base, Then was the materials for E2 my 5 stars, now is E2 mostima so i can use the 3rd skill of the 6* in the annhilation


I played around a little with ops at about your level and those waves post 300 start to come too fast and are too powerful for what you have using an Ifrit strategy I think (it only gets tougher after that) so it might be another week or two until you’re able to clear it.

Maybe a different strat using all the supply crates will work better. I still have some runs left this week, so I’ll try that when I have some time.

As for what to raise, I’d say you should get Cuora to E1 max, work on your big damage dealers (Specter, Lappland, Exusiai) and maybe think about about a second ST medic.


right now i’m E2 mostima so i can use ifrit third skill and for annihilation 3, and i’m leveling up cuora too, but i will take in count your advice and try some stuff

Ifrit S3 ? Cost 40, duration 20 seconds and “Deals 75% of ATK Arts damage per second to ground enemies within range and reduces targets’ RES by -7 This unit loses 2% of Max HP per second”
Worst “S3 doesn’t hit aerial enemies, and causes her to take a lot of damage”.

I can understand if it’s Surtur S3M3, she shines on this map.
For example, she can kill and block the “withered/Corrupted knight”( and these Bladehelm knightclub Elite) alone before they reach your others operators, don’t hesitate to (re)deploy her again and again.

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