Annihilation 6 thread (post clears, ask for help, etc.)

didn’t see one of these already so I thought I’d make one. got 400 kills just now with this setup, haven’t yet checked to see if the auto is stable:

i had to borrow for annihilations 3, 4, and 5 and i was pretty sure I could do this one without a borrow, took 10 or so attempts and looked at two videos but made it work!


I’d need a reminder to post mine here tomorrow. It worked on the 1 auto that I did, so I think I’m good, but I’ve been wrong with that before.

I didn’t think this one was so bad, really. I prefer it over Anni 3.


There doesn’t seem to be too much that can upset the auto. The lava tiles might and maybe that rush post 300 might slow your phone down, but nothing like all those frost traps consantly going off on the last annihilation.

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My setup is like this, it seems to work so far.

When the civilians come in pairs, I put down Silverash to clear the way for them.


I love how Siege is bashing a stupid civilian on the head :fgo_gudako: So relatable :'D

Works fine. Everyone else is there for trust farm.

But yeah, level 80+ on everyone except Shining. I want to M3 Enciodes’ S1 already :fgo_gaooo:


I just cleared it and then the game kicked me due to maintenance.



Just get in the blue box, idiot!


Sorry for the advertising, but did you guys see the @ from the draft post?
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Tomorrow 3 hours after reset!

btw I have no idea what that thing is, but it’s official art apparently.

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These are official stickers, you can download them off the official site, it’s from the earliest set called “Everyday Lungmen”. I wish they were WhatsApp compatible, but no such luck.

Also, skip on the draft between FGO and irl stuff.


Yeah but what is the long white animal supposed to be a reference too?

And fair enough, at least I tried, the day will come when all you lot give up FGO so you can have more fun with Arknights!

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Seems to be ShiraYuki (judging by the ears,tail, and a scarf (?) on the arm/paw). Maybe a loooooong maintenance service to Chief Wei since she was a smol ratto :D

Dream on :D I’m on this ship until it sinks. Then I sink with it :D


Looks like a Shirayuki version of Longcat.
You can repeat the middle section and make her as long as you want :longcat:

ancient memes

LongCat's Song [4K] - YouTube

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I did shamelessly copy that picture (I just can’t be bothered to fiddle through annihilations to find the right combination, they take so long) and it worked perfectly.

So thanks mate!

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Gona have to pass. I don’t need to farm fgo since I’ve leveled all my units but I still got stuff to do in genshin and the next event in pgr is dropping soon.

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Current annihilation is a joke, it feels… empty
Almost too easy, little to no satisfaction.

410 enemies? No, the additional 10 were that useless npc
Clear those useless blockade for them
Then put Thorn on bottom lane, it’s basically done for that part.
Wanna add some Sniper? Sure, why not
Or maybe some melee with regen factor, it’s a pleasure

Look at them UFO, look at them tracks, in other stage they’re nightmare, but here, it’s a dummy target.
just put Platinum and its done.

Remember, this stage got some holes
Puller or Pusher, it’s up to you, but I prefer to
shoot them hard with Weedy’s boom boom.

Watch out for their Paratrooper
You mean useless troopers?

Top lane?
Blaze and Saria will do for melee
Your ranged would be Ifrit/Eyja/Dusk
Cover them with Ptilopsis or Nightingale, watch out for them Caster group,
activate Medic skill! It’s super effective!
Wanna add another medic? go ahead

Last 2 big wave?
Look at them, standing in line patiently waiting to be eradicated by Sultan of Scwhing Scwhing


I agree because i was with 1 leak, 2 times because of these “ursus raider” (can only block with operator with 2 block) combined with the “agent leaders” ( they reduces the maximum Block of targets attacked) and with only Mudrock as blocker at the bottom of the map.
Robin was useful to separate them and just a sniper to help Mudrock.
And after defense-protocol, “imperial-artillery-targeteer” were joke because my units can survive with perfumer.
Manticore/Ethan should do very well at top between the burning tile, and you can even put a ranged guard perpendicularly of the blaze tile on the last image.
In short you have lot of options to do it.


Yeah, this only took me one try and the auto looks to be near infallible. I’d rather this than the last rotation though, so you won’t catch me complaining.

Helps that I literally just plagiarized off of Kyo. :octopus:


i’m okay with annihilations being easy, they’re long so it’s super annoying to try to refine clears on them. i don’t mind difficulty in arknights but the best kind of difficulty is CC difficulty where the map isn’t super long and also you can replay it infinitely for no sanity cost so you can keep trying out different things. as opposed to these friggin’ 3-practice EX stages DM has for some reason.