Annihilation 7 - Siesta - Flooded Seashore

We’ve had a topic for anni 6, so why not for anni 7.

November comes with a new annihilation stage, which will be available until January 10th.

Requires 2-8 cleared to unlock.

So, say your goodbyes to the easiest anni 6 and stable auto and welcome the new “wth went wrong NOW?!”.

The map:

First clear rewards:


Sanity return:


What it has:

  • Transport Hub war flashbacks for CC vets;

  • 5 ops available at the beginning with 50 DP to spread among them;

  • 3 terminals to increase ops’ limit on the left;

  • 2 more terminals will appear on the right (where there are two grey blocks) around 120 kills or so;

  • fan fav enemies :fgo_deadinside:

Yup, there are fanatics (normal and bulky ones) aka guys with big hammers who’ll beat the hell out of you and terminals, aaaaand bullies (also of two kinds) aka “my block-less-than-3 ops can step out for a smoke now”. Some art master drones, snipers that’ll put your ops to sleep, block -1 agents and some less annoying problems like casters. At least there are no wraiths.

Since it’s clearly a Near Water stage, Ceylon’s talent kicks in, so she may be considered for this stage, I guess.

I don’t really want to spoil myself and everyone else the stage beyond the basic info, so no vids for now.

But I’m mildly panicked because everyone loves bullies, right? And what’s better than 18 of them.

Also, a lot of banned tiles, so no hellidrops near enemy entry points. But I see what might be an Ifrit lane near two blue boxes, and Ifrit lanes are good civilization. And maybe there’s a place for Rosa (esp with bullies’ weight being 4) and her unconventional range to reach closer to red boxes. Same for Toddi lovers. Makes me sad I didn’t raise any wide range snipers, they can probably be very useful here, especially Firewatch with her carpet bombing S2.

GP info page on anni 7:

At least there are no stupid civilians this time around.


Oh my god, here they comes again… the big purple flying drones of doom :pensive:

I see, i’ll need my Beeswax again.


I’m pretty sure drones of doom are the smallest problem here :D

Not that Beeswax is useless otherwise :D


I like Beeswax: she uses her ancient egyptian spells to lure drones so that they will leave alone my best doggo Ceobe :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But i agree, the enemyes are potentially very annoying.

Honestly i prefer more challenges,
The last annihilation is a joke, feels so empty.
I dunno, if it was to attract or gave encouragement to new doktah out there.

This one seems have more excitement,
Can’t wait to enjoy on how to create a stable auto :ak_kaltsitsip:

Because when it’s done, back again to the empty feeling.
But at least knowing how hard to find the safe auto, it will gave me a little dose of satisfaction :feh_navarreculture:

Cheers :catdance:

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Hm, I dunno, anni is a chore, so the easier and more stable it is, the better. There are other sources of excitement in the game)


Yeah, I also agree with other exciting content in the game, but now it’s about anni itself.
For me they are still important, not just a weekly chore.

Once upon a time

I still remember the day when I had to follow guides step by step, deploy/retreat ops, skill activation by milliseconds to avoid failing the big wave.
With limited number of ops variety, and only 1 or 2 Big Names at hand.
finding alternatives ops which I dont have, or by having lower lvl ops, some not an E2, etc.
And that’s all on early Annihilation map, for now… yeah, it’s super easy, but at that time… it’s one hell of a challenge, so exciting and gave me large dose of satisfaction.

Each week or from time to time , always trying to find a better way, adding newly raised ops, testing Mastery’s efficiency, trying new alternatives, and some other fun thing to do.

Nowadays we got more Ops
more variety and alternatives
more Broken one to abuse
more combo to be utilized
more and more opportunities than before

And still asking they have to be nice?
I’m very sorry, but I find that kinda mismatched.

The tallest tree get blown the hardest, or
“If you’re capable, then you got more things to do.”
~some old man

There's a boy...

I’m into woodworking irl, gotta use some reference.
Say, with so many great tools at hand,
The project is too easy, and where the hell I can improve or find excitement

I’m not the same as my early days, still using hand tools and 1 or 2 machinery, now I have a factory which using lots of great machines, and boii… they aren’t cheap.
But the most valuable assets is, I have multiple employees which I taught them myself, and they taught me back from another pov, together… as time passed by, improving ourself step by step.

Having so and getting small project is just…
yeah we still accept it, but deep inside we always crave for challenge :feh_reinyes:

Then he died

I beg your pardon for typing such an Essay, now I’m on a holiday, lots of free time :ak_mostima:



Nice? No. But this is just an annihilation, not a CM. The worst about it is that there are 400 enemies, and one mistake can ruin a clean run. And even if it doesn’t cost any in-game sanity, it costs time to retry. That’s all. Anyway, I don’t think it’s undoable, just has a lot of potential to wreck auto deploy and bullies. And forces you to use at least 3 block-3 ops. Or Mon3tr, but that’s two deployment spots.

I wonder if the destruction of a terminal will cost a life, btw. Cuz that would be just wonderful.


This anni’s going to be so much fun if this is true… :fgo_gudako:


I just think these things did cost life points during CC :'D Hm, will need to check once this stage is up for training.

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Yeah they do cost life points in CC, but thankfully in this Anni they can stand more hit against those hammer, I guess that’s because it’s a long run stage.

Played the stage on its debut on CN 5 months ago, the only problem I saw is graphical issue, there’s some glitch on the water, the wave will get distorted the longer we play.
But it doesn’t affect gameplay as far as i remember.
But still it’s not a good thing to have, hope they fix it on us

We just need two of 3 Block with damage capability of course, Blaze and Mon3tr S3M3 :ak_mostima:
Melee units would be a fixed choice i guess, but we could do some experiments on ranged tiles.

I think they can also be passively healed by Ange/Skalter/Perfumer?

“The sea is tired of you swishing your blades left and right, let’s relax and do a BBQ party already!” :D

What about the third blue box, the one on the left? Pretty sure some nasty thing (like bully on steroids) is supposed to be heading that way :fgo_casgilworry:

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Not sure about that, gonna leave it for later.

My bad, it’s not waves, it’s the reflection and sea currents

Rest easy, Mon3tr and a certain sea urchin will hold kill them far from that track.
Assuming the power house is sufficient.

I really like water with some sunshine so kinda looking forward to this one. The current one is snowy snoozefest.
Not looking forward to stun snipers if my eyes dont deceive me tho.

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I was planning placing the sea urchin to deal with the right side. Where there are terminals, there are fanatics, and they deserve a good handing of Iberia no Destreza :'D

Yeah, I just hope ther range isn’t as wide as in the CC risk when they snipe you from the other side of the map :fgo_deadinside:

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Right side it is, Supreme Arts will hold them from the right side, kill drones, and sniping right spawn box.

Nope, just half or less

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I believe terminals gain a passive HP regen and DEF and RES buffs once they are active so you have a little bit of leeway with them taking damage.

I know the passive healing of the Bard Supporter works even when they’re frozen so I’m hoping that Skalter can be used to tank the enemy snipers and that her S2 will still be active even if she’s stunned.

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Hm, I’ve never paid attention to it, since in CC, it was mostly “Oh shit” mode if any lunatics got close to terminals. But buffs to the terminals would be nice, considering the length of the map.

You can always test it on the CS permamap with its stun snipers when it’s open)

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i mean to be fair in CC enemies stats got boosted so the terminals stats boost are ignorable at best

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Yeah, it never even occurred to me that terminals have any survival tools, I always thought of them as “defend at all costs, or you’re royally screwed” glass things :D

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