Within the last few days and beyond we’ve gotten more and more injections of one-off, personalized, “Help with GSSR please” threads. Understandable, seeing as NA’s 3rd Anniversary is literally roughly a week away, and with the GSSRs, you want to get the most bang for your buck however you personally engage with it. I’m not the only one who was noted it, and to that end, I figured I’d create this in the hopes that this could stave off some of the posts and have everything be posted here.

Some starters:

Now let me go over what is available from this GSSR for 3rd Anni (15 SQ from here out, by the way!): It is divided by Class, and it includes Permanent, Locked, and Limited units. So you can get Gilgamesh, or you can get Orion; you can get Drake, or you can get Ivan. Skadi will not be up for grabs, in the same way Hokusai wasn’t for New Years. (Unfortunately…) In full, here are the units up for grabs:

  • Saber: Artoria, Altera, Okita, Mordred, Nero (Bride), Shiki (Saber), Musashi, Arthur (Prototype), Sigurd.
  • Archer: Gilgamesh, Orion, Tesla, Arjuna, Artoria (Archer), Ishtar, James Moriarty, Napoleon.
  • Lancer: Artoria Pendragon (Lancer), Enkidu, Ereshkigal, Karna, Scathach, Tamamo (Lancer), Brynhildr.
  • Rider: Achilles, Artoria (Rider Alter), Ivan, Iskandar, Ozymandias, Quetzalcoatl, Medb, Drake.
  • Caster: Anastasia, Illyasviel, Xuanzang, Zhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II)/Waver Velvet, Tamamo, Nero (Caster), Scheherazade, Merlin, Da Vinci.
  • Assassiner: Osakabehime, Shuten-Douji, Jack, Semiramis, Mysterious Heroine X/MHX, King/First Hassan.
  • Berserker: Vlad III, Cu (Alter), Sakata Kintoki, Nightingale, Mysterious Heroine X (Alter)/MHXA, Hijikata, Raikou.
  • Extra: Amakusa Shirou, Holmes, Jeanne d’Arc, Edmond Dantes, Jeanne d’Arc (Alter), Okita (Alter), Kiara, Melt, Abigail Williams, Katsushika Hokusai. (Side note: You are also all but guaranteed to get at least 1 Salieri, since he’s the only 1-3 star Extra class Servant, so there’s that.

Here are some broad suggestions for you to take into consideration, unless they are inapplicable:

  • A common suggestion is to roll for the Class you’re “weakest” in. How much that is of note to you, will have to consider.
  • Another is to aim for the banner least likely to disappoint you (which is why I am rolling Extra, as it’s got the highest chance of happiness for me, as much as I’d like NP2+ Ishtar or Archuria or others).
  • In contrast to the above, aim for what’s most likely to get a Jackpot even if it’s riskier. (Not my personal approach, but you do you.)
  • There is the heartless utilitarian perspective, namely: If you do not have Waver, or Merlin, or Tamamo, it is highly recommended you roll Caster. Having any one of those can make your life dramatically easier. As someone who played since launch and didn’t get Waver on her main until just before the end of 2018, let me tell you he is perhaps the biggest QoL adjustment you could get. Even if you have 2 of those 3, there’s still a reasonable argument for considering Caster, or if it’s more so Waver/Merlin you lack, because they simply bring that much to someone’s roster.

While there is validity in the first point, I would like to editorialize a bit expand on why I don’t think it should be all-consuming in one’s approach - that is, the “Get me an SSR of [class] AT ALL” approach - and that is in our free units (“welfares”), which you’re likely acquainted with even if you’re super fresh courtesy of Chacha and Ryouma with GDGD2/3 respectively, and Sieg prior with Apocrypha. They can fill up a bunch of gaps in one’s rosters, and subsequently eliminate the “need” to roll for X banner, although there is still value in getting an SSR of such-and-such class just given SSR statlines and generally solid kits. Here’s a list of who we have upcoming, and the holes in one’s roster they can patch up (even if obviously not 1:1 to every e.g. Lancer you might obtain from that GSSR banner), from Summer 2 Rerun onward in chronological order:

  • Paul Bunyan: 1* AOE Buster Berserker. Even if you have Spartacus raised, even if you have Cu Alter, she has immense value as a cheap - and notably, easy to kill, making it easy to cycle in buffs with a Poster Girl/Outrage equipped! - Buster buffer, with AOE Buster Up/Crit Up, and AOE DEF Down. She’s a very solid W1-2 clearer.

  • Ishtar (Rider). AOE Quick Rider. Riderin is kind of tricky in that her actual Quicks are, frankly, pathetic, and she tries to be a semi-support although you’re best using her as your actual point, or supporting someone in a farming team while she clears a W2/3 (for example my Feathers comp had her clear W2 then Astolfo W3). She may only be a sub-par refund-based looper given her mediocre Quick generation and NP hitcounts, but post-Skadi will be even deadlier during her burst turns. Even right now she has a workable mix of hard survival from two different skills (1 hit Evade S2/invul on her S3), and with the introduction of Command Codes the self-stun on her S3 becomes less taxing to circumvent. She has high, if unreliable - no star pull, actively wants supports to make stars - ceilings, and Skadi accentuates that. She can well serve you as a general AOE Rider DPS.

  • Mecha Eli-chan: Currently our only AE welfare, Eli does one thing only, and one thing well: Beat up Casters/Riders/Assassins/Berserkers with her powerful ST NP, and similarly trash them with her crits. She’s a generic beatstick, but if you lack Sanzang/Illya for anti-Assassin needs, or missed Shiki for anti-Rider, she can output enough damage to where her frailty is a non-issue. Just… don’t use her for anything else.

  • Altera the San(ta): Santera is an ST NP Quick-centered Archer, capable of playing the support role and offensive role serviceably in equal measures in a manner not unlike Bride in terms of design, given that her two potentially supportive skills are targetable. S1 is a 20% charge and 3T 30% stargen up, S2 30% NP/Crit Up, and S3 an invul/starpull/DEF Up with delayed by 3T, 1T self-stun (similarly more manageable post-Anni). She can make a wealth of stars for you, obliterate an enemy the subsequent turn, or basically guarantee crit shenanigans in a 3T comp. Obviously, post-Skadi her ceiling explodes as well, for all that entails.

  • Jeanne d’Arc (Berserker Alter): Jalter… but in a bikini! ST Berserker beatstick with modest, quirky turn-and-hit-based hard survival, Jalter hits like a goddamn truck and is damn good at burning things to a crisp. There’s honestly not much to explain here, except that she punches things, she punches well, she’s not as frail as you’d expect, and she’s effectively Lu Bu 2.0 in terms of her viability for exploding W3 bosses in farming contexts - god forbid you use her elsewhere, and buff her to high heaven. She can patch up a lot of holes in her own right just given her inherent flexibility.

  • Shuten-Douji (Caster): Cashew premiers as an ST Buster Caster with a 3A deck not unlike EMIYA or Sanzang, and she’s going to be your best pure anti-Assassin tool outside of AEs or Berserkers (aforementioned or otherwise), especially if you lack Sanzang. In effect, she’s an NP spamming type without the actual battery. She has utility in her NP Seal and Crit Chance Down in her S1 (capping at 50%, effectively guaranteeing you won’t be yeeted by a stray crit barring the enemy also buffing up with their own Crit Ups, 1T A/B Up and star pull for bursting or gauge-building, and a Charisma-like that also gives her a 3T 50% anti-Demonic powermod which is excellent in its own right given we have no shortage of Rider/Berserker Demonic enemies. Her NP even applies Surehit for a turn, assuring you, well, hit with little fuss against a majority of enemies. Unfortunately, her lack of survival in any form outside the S1 is a serious blow, and her steroids could use a bit more oomph IMO.

  • Quetzalcoatl (Samba/Santa): Quetz drops an AOE Buster Ruler with a mix of support, offense, and defense. Having used Amakusa a lot, I can attest to the value of a generalist who won’t die if you sneeze in their direction, and she does that while bringing modest ATK Up, star regen, 30% Crit Up post-NP, targetable starpull for 1T and 30% stargen up… and 3T 30% Buster Up plus 600% Buster Star Weight for 1T. For all her supports, she’s effectively a DPS with her hands in multiple pies, for better when you want a generalist beatstick, and for the worse as anyone else who falters vs more specialized units, let alone those you can counter-class. She’s not horribly impractical and a developing roster will highly appreciate her, but the more you fill out your roster, the less you’ll “need” her. I do want to note she has passive 46% Debuff Res too, which further makes her broadly applicable.

  • Chloe von Einzbern: Do you like NP spam? Do you like Arts memes? Do you like BATTERIES? Congratulations! Chloe’s an ST Arts DPS, with a side order of Illya buffing if you’re an Illya fan, or such. The broad strokes of her kit aren’t unlike EMIYA or his even more depressed self: An Evade + Crit Up, rainbow buff for 1T… and the best part of her kit, a 50% charge and 3T 100% stargen amp. While her greens suck, her blues, particularly with this up, are pheonenal; combined with a BG and native charge, Chloe makes for excellent farming convenience, and excellent fast-play boss-killing, with it being entirely reasonable to NP b2b in an NPAA chain or similar with the proper buffs. Her NP even has Sure Hit, and a modest 3T Crit Chance Down, helping her stay in the game. Mechanically, she’s one of the best welfares full stop, just below Ridertoki.

  • BB: … I don’t need to go over the devilish, selfishly supportive Sakuraface Moon Cancer kouhai, do I? With all her popularity? Well I will anyway because my AP is recharging. BB functions primarily as a selfish Arts-stall point, who if you give her all of the love and attention, will be a capable generalist in between her NP spam which brings with it AOE 20% charge each pop, accelerated by her star pull/Crit Up, and supplemented in CC with her Invul/Evade removal plus effective 110% Stun before her NP’s 10-50% Debuff Res down. She even has a debuff cleanse + 1 time Debuff Immunity and 3K heal every 4T. Regrettably her actual damage is laughable, and she’s rarely counter-classing thus limiting her optimal circumstances, but in the aforementioned comps she can work effectively.

  • Gray: Waver’s kouhai isn’t just adorable, but our free AOE Assassin wave-clearer years after Shishou! She’s pretty simple, and not dissimilar from our recent Okitan in terms of individual skill strengths: She has a 20% charge (with 30% Debuff Res), 1 hit/1T invul with 40% Q/B, and a Buster NP that inflicts 20-40% Q/B Res down depending on OC. Unfortunately her deck is the typical QQQAB composition, making for an awkward mismatch. Happily, alongside her 30% ATK Up she also possesses an up to 100% 3T anti-Undead powermod on her S1, making her a fantastic farmer, effectively giving her class adv vs the Undead. She can’t work with Skadi as Summer Scathach can, but she can still hit high ceilings with her NP, and… yeah. She’s adorable, but this NP is what you’re here for, with the powermod.

  • Come GDGD4 we get Nagao Kagetora, as our only Arts ST NP Lancer aside from literally Li Shuwen, but unlike him she’s free. Kagetora excels at NPing frequently, and it’s basically what made her popular. Her actual individual numbers aren’t exactly remarkable, nor are her skills outstanding at the individual level (IMO) - a 1T 30% Arts Up and starpull, 1T Evade/30% NP Gen Up, and AOE 20% ATK/Crit/Stargen Up for 3T. Her NP wipes offensive buffs while applying a modest 20% at base (60% cap with OC) Crit Chance Down for 3T, although it’s stackable with proper play, indirectly lending the team to heightened survivability as anyone familiar with boss crits should be. If I had to draw a comparison between the two, levels notwithstanding, I’d say she trades his highs and guaranteed hits for more consistent averages and being easier to work with, although I am not (yet) as extensively familiar with Li as I am some other users, and thus shall simply link this valuable discussion on the two for your perusal.

  • Next year for Summer 4, we get Hokusai (Saber)! She’s most directly comparable to Lancelot (Saber), specifically in their both being ST Arts crit-happy, selfish and needy NP folks. She carries 10% fewer charge in exchange for 5 more stars at cap, has a Guts unlike him (if for 3T on a 7T CD at max), and carries over Foreigner Hokusai’s effect-on-Arts-crit trait but with an admittedly awkward (in terms of first-turn-burst) Crit Up. Specifically, it comes with 3T 30% Arts Up, and up to 20% Crit Up, increasing own crit output for 3T when critting for 3T… and an NP that simply Does Damage. She’s not a bad unit by any means, just a bit weird.

  • FINALLY, we have Nightingale (Santa), an AOE Quick Archer, with Christmas next year. She’s got a medley of tools to play with. S1 is 1 buff stripped from all enemies/1 debuff stripped from everyone/3K heal on a 5T CD, her second is the very rare and valuable targetable Buff Removal Resistance for 3T packed in with a 1 time Guts and 3T 30% NP Up, and finally an AOE 20% ATK/30% Crit Up. Her NP removes defensive buffs from enemies, cures Poison/Burn/Curse, and gives a very slight OC-based DEF Down (10-20%). She’s a DPS in the end, but has some niche utility in her S2 that can be incredibly handy, no less if you are also able to sac her a la Bunyan.

  • Yes, I skipped Sieg and Ryouma. They practically just dropped, and the former won’t return for 2 years, by which point his value will hopefully be well understood now that NA finally has him and can see how capable he is. Sue me.

Let me make something clear: None of these are 1:1 replacements for any of the SSRs you may obtain from the GSSR. What they can do is patch up your roster, and make it so that you’re far less strained for e.g. an ST Lancer when push comes to shove and Cu isn’t quite working it. I reiterate that there is value in diversity - the game rewards it by nature - but said diversity can also, roughly, be replicated for “free” from the long-term perspective, so I suggest not feeling obligated to roll for a class exclusively out of a roster’s weakness. No less if you don’t actually, or largely, do not like what’s up for grabs (that’s one reason I’m skipping Saber in fact, as much as I’d love more Bride or Okita). I am not saying the advice is bunk or unusable, but to, essentially, consider your options long-term. But hey, this is just one person’s editorializing an otherwise impersonal overview lol.

I’m also tempted to do an overview of every SSR from a clinical and non-editorialized perspective, even though I’m sure GP would put one out, just because I’ve seen enough “What about X?” or “I have A, what about Y?” over the years, let alone recently. If there’d be enough desire for that.

@homu Could you pin this please? Keep forgetting you’re also now a mod, Roy (in my defense, it’s nothing personal). TY for the pin!

Edit: If you’re wondering when this is - around the 6th! Get hyped!!

As an aside, while I personally am all-too-willing to answer Qs about what makes sense, I’m definitely not the only vet or knowledgeable person here. A lot of this is just a broad overview, to hopefully clear the air and give you a cleaner picture. :slightly_smiling_face: Well, and to stop the spam lol.


Double SSR pulls when? :fgo_daishouri:


Ahahahahahahahahahahaha…Haha Haha… ha…

Wait, were you being serious? :fgo_rinlaugh:

Even with this, I expect at least a half dozen more “GSSR Help” threads. I mean, even with several pinned threads we still get a bunch of new ones asking for the same thing. :rofl:


I do too. Doesn’t mean some can’t pruned or headed off, which is the ultimate goal.

Like, really lol. I am actually all-too-used to “Redirect this to the Help/Roll thread, please.”


Same. If I see it, I link the pre-existing thread if no one else has done it.

And with GSSR and Anni coming up, I better get the Repository ready. :sweat_smile:

jk, thanks for making this thread so we can just redirect ggsr question to this one


This GSSR will be the first time (that I can recall anyway) I roll not for love, but for utility. Been playing NA since launch, and the only SSR caster I have is summer Nero.
Main goal is a support, but id also be happy with a ST caster. And if neither of those, then I’d still be happy with Da Vinci.
Honestly only outcome I’d be straight dissatisfied with would be NP2 Nero.


This could become a bi-annual thread given that each has its different circumstances.

Let Gordolf’s steak accompany one of the biggest salt waves in FGO NA.


I’ve got my prepared answer ready:

“Extra. You will roll for Extra.”


So to stay on topic…

HELP!! Which banner should I roll?

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I will cry the saltiest of tears if I end up with any of the Rulers or Jalter. I just want the Foreigners okay.

To elaborate my desired outcome
Best daughter: Abby or Hokusai
Skadi slave: Melt or Dantes
Okay but why: Kiara or Okitan
Not happy: Amakusa or Jeanne
■■■■■■■ dupes: Sherlock or Jalter

After using the spreadsheet and just looking at my roster. I’m lacking in the Caster and Assassin classes. However I also don’t see a Iskander banner anytime soon. So I am torn between going for Caster or Rider.

Fate/Zero rerun banner, maybe popping up during a Thanksgiving banner but you can’t really safely rely on that.

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Thank you. I’m sure I’ll make a decision eventually. Maybe

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And here I am preparing everything I earned (I’m still currently on London in my new account since I lost my main) but I feel I would only get salt :joy:
I wanna reach Solomon before the GSSR banners come so I’ll grind all SQ’s I can as much as possible

I suppose I’ll throw my hat in this ring.


As said in a previous topic, I’ll roll extra for dantes if I get skadi. However this post is for if I don’t manage to summon the queen of quick.
I’m currently torn between lancer and caster.
For lancer I would want ANY ST, and seeing how I only have eresh, it is the most rewarding if I roll, since I’ll probably get a new servant anyway.
It’s a very simple want from caster: tama, waver, or merlin. I strictly want one of them, however I also have the most servants from this pool, so my chances aren’t as high.
Discussion on which I should go for would be appreciated.

When Tetra gets to work:


Gssr threads are pruned lb confirmed


I am mostly F2P, only buying quartz for GSSR. I have been playing consistently since release, with a small 3-4 month break about 1 year in. I have 380 Quartz + 27 tickets saved up for Skadi and Summer BB. I will be buying the $80 pack of quartz for the GSSR, hoping to get both.

I am currently leaning towards Extra with Caster being a close second.

Caster jackpots are Zhuge Liang or Merlin. Nero summer being ok.
Extra jackpots are Hokusai, Edmond, Jalter. Abigail being a hit. Okitan and Melt being ok.

I try to focus on Utility over Waifu (A+ when they line up, Okita :+1: )

Other jackpot servants for me would be: Nero Bride, Gil, Eresh, Achilles, Jack, Cu Alter.

Please let me know if you see any gaps you see that I should be looking to fill.

Thanks in advance for you assistance.

Here are all of my boxes filtered by class.


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