Anniversary Premonition

So, anniversary is coming real soon, what kind of new units do you want to see or think will be?

Personally, I hope it’s SSJ Blue Goku and Vegeta and Golden Frieza

I hope they will publish some other characters from dbsuper like the ssj blue or other gt char like super c17

How many days left for anniversary? And I’d like to see Golden Frieza and I hope they put Super Gogeta (Red) and Buu (Purple) in the summons pool (Have no idea what kind of banners is the one in anniversary). I missed their banners and I’m so need to Buu to complete my Regeneration team

Personally i hope for a SSB goku/vegeta with golden freiza as well but its probably safe to say that they’re going to release a Vegito with Buuhan/buutenks

SuPa VeGiTo-SaMa!!!

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