Announcement of Pokemon go pokedex webapp


I just created a pokemon go control pokedex web app and want to share it with the world!! :slight_smile:

Now it has basic functionallity (register of pokemon and shinies) but it will have more functionalities in the near future (control of hundos and lucky pokemon and a new fancy pokemon exchange feature)

Web is

Hope is useful for you all.

Kind regards

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Exchange functionallity added. Now you can activate it from your User panel and set the pokemon you want to get and the ones you want to trade, and check if there are people near who want what you have and have what you want.


Tried it out a bit seems useful. Thanks for making this !

Glad you like it :) More functionalities will be added in the next days.

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Added filters to show not registered pokemon and shinies left. Fixed small resize issues.

Added filters to show pokemon marked as wanted or as exchange.

Next addition: lucky pokedex

Will give it a spin … good luck with the APP!!

Thanks!! Improvements in progress… :slight_smile:

Added lucky pokedex!! Also filter for lucky pokemons left and lucky cfompletion percentage (total and per region)