Anotha one

Not entirely sure why I built Ogma to be completely honest. He just seems pretty cool for being a gladiator, plus that attack stat is sweet


He’s a fun choice. Not bad.


yo no +Res Ogma
Looks nice, but people are gonna hound you for that build :tooobin:


The only real reason to build a Ogma is his ingame sprites, because having a sword on the back while fighting with another is pretty cool though.


The build is actually super nice though, doesn’t look great but for low budget it’s finesse

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Def Refine :ferdyfrown:


Why swordbreaker?

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Hard check sword units, 38 speed is pretty garbage

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That’s a scary Ogma…
Nice to see that he’s merged! Also congrats.

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Man Lain you keep confusing me with @LadyLuna

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It could be really good with a little outside buffs but I see what you mean. I just haven’t seen a breaker skill used in at least half a year except for as placeholders

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Brazen atk/spd would be nice and reaches 45 speed but I’d prefer more defense for him

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You know what would help with that?
His unique refine :tooobin:
Unless you don’t run any Infantry or Fliers with him of course


Defense refine? What was the effective refine?

Yeah but then he only has 34 defense

Grants atk/spd +4 when near a flier or infantry

+4 Atk/Spd when within 2 spaces of Infantry or Fliers.

Could have that in the seal slot. Atk/def 2 isn’t doing all that much for you

But then he doesn’t have 60 attack if I replace the seal

Def tactic or something of that nature. 34 is still verry workable