Another +10 Brave Units Thread (featuring two brave spearmen :feh_hector:)

Hey all, Noodles here, came back for a bit since I finished two of my main merge projects this week :catwave:

First up is Brave Hector, who I pulled for on his weekly revival last Sunday since I legit forgot he’d be on the CYL Hero Fests (and maybe I should’ve waited for those lmao). I needed 5 more copies and I went in with 2,443 orbs:

Also got a Linde (my first copy), Kliff, A!Anna, Nifl, A!Eirika (bringing her to +2), Zeke, and Delthea (bringing her to +5).
The total spent for my final 5 B!Hectors on this banner was 653 orbs.

Next up is B!Dimitri. Man’s a favorite of mine and he wasn’t originally a merge project, but then he kept showing up on accident and I then decided to merge him.
Went into the Hero Fest with 1,824 orbs to get my last three copies I needed. Hopped into a Discord stream with @Almond and @Reality and had Apex of the World playing from 3H on my Switch :feh_dimitrisalute:
We had a great start, with the first copy coming home on the third ticket:

And then the second copy came with the spark:

But the third copy, man that was such a pain :feh_lilinadistress:

I went so long without a Dimitri of any kind and got several off focus units (got 2 Duessels faster than 2 non-spark Dimitris :feh_setethcry:). Eventually I stopped playing Apex of the World and started playing the Twisted Joke cutscene.

Then came a circle of four blues.

Freaking finally :fgo_gaooo: It’s like he was listening lmao
The first Dimitri was on roll 5, while this one was on roll 115, so that was 109 rolls without a non-guaranteed Dimitri (subtracting the spark since I count it as a roll number). :feh_dimitrisad: That was pain for the third copy but at least he’s done.
For the total amount of orbs it took, it was 509.

Thank god a random copy showed up during Duo Ike’s banner, don’t want to think about how long that one would have taken to show up :upside_down_face:

Also got a Lute (now +1), Duessel, Delthea (now +6), Sumia, another Duessel, A!Anna, August, and Julian. A bunch of Colms also showed up for some reason lol

Here are the two men:

Was just able to finish off his build with the P!Felicia manual this month :feh_reinyes:

Really hoping he gets a busted refine this year, he deserves it :fgo_ereshlove:

And they are my 9th and 10th 5* exclusive +10s, the 3rd and 4th ones this month, and my first blue 5* exclusive +10s:
Also some of my cheapest +10s:

  • Free copy from CYL2, 4* special free summon on an anniversary hero fest last year
  • 117 orbs on June 2021 weekly revival for one merge, 181 orbs on January 2022 weekly revival for 3 copies, 653 orbs on April 17 weekly revival for 5 copies

  • Free pick from CYL4
  • Off-focus on Gatrie’s release banner, some banner near the 2020 ninja TT I forgot, AHR 2020 while going for L!Dimitri lmao, and Duo Ike’s banner
  • Free summoned him on the twitter rerun of the CYL4 banner
  • 155 orbs for two copies on L!Marth’s legendary remix, and 509 orbs for the last 3 copies on the CYL4 Hero Fest
  • Also technically 135 orbs on the original run of CYL4, but that was full circles to spark for Claude and I didn’t get any Dimitris from that so idk if I should count it

While that last copy was pain, I guess that balances out the 5 copies that came on accident or with very little trouble lmao

I did also finish two 3-4* merge projects this week:

I got my last Ilyana copy going for B!Hector and my last Lex copy as a free summon on the FE4 banner. :feh_truestory:

One last bonus before I finish:

these circles only exist when you’re not sniping green

Man I’ve spent about ~3k+ orbs this month for three main targets, it’s time to sit back and resume hard saving until B!Tiki releases and hope to god she isn’t red. :catroll:

For those of you who’ve read this, thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day/night/evening. :fgo_ereshlove:


I for one am very proud of my good friend noodle :slight_smile:


Congratulations Noodles that is a lot of projects.
Im also building Lex and he is really good as long as he doesnt fight anything that targets res.


Ooo, nice summons

Congrats Noodles :catclap:


Great job Noodles! Ready for that refine later this year :feh_dimitrisalute:


Gee, why does IS let you have 2 +10 brave lances noodles?
Congrats nyoomdles!


Congrats on finishing two brave lance bois Noodles!

Add Lex and Ilyana and that’s more blue related +10 merge projects done. Nice job!


Looking forward to and fearing the September refines. :feh_dimitrisalute:


Nice ! I’m jealous of the S Mia though