Another +10 Project Finished

Hi hi, I’m back again with another +10 Unit completed.
This time, it’s the Legend himself; Legion.

It only took me months of suffering in AR to get those grail, but it was all worth it for him. ^^.
Next Grail Project : OG Xander. :pray::pray:

P.S. I’m doing this at 4am on my phone, & I’m barely awake, so the picture might not even be Legion, so if it’s not, enjoy whatever it is.


Panic Ploy on a Brazen Despo unit.
Why not

Good job!

You see Miss Lain, you’re the one who suggested the Brazen sooo.

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But not the Panic Ploy :legion:

Lookin’ spicier than ever :fire:

Meet me in the parking lot, we’ll use our beyblades to settle this. :thinkinglikelukas:

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Sounds like a plan, beyblading stopped World War 3 when Trumph and Puting had a tournament.